Australia Subclass 457 Visa

Australia subclass 457 visa is a work permit for overseas professionals. The subclass 457 visa is intended for overseas skilled professionals who are selected to work in Australia for a time being.

A government or community/business agency can sponsor a skilled worker if only they are unable to find suitable permanent resident or skilled Australian citizen to fill the remaining position listed in the sponsored occupations list.

Subclass 457 visa stages:

There are mainly 3 stages to hire a skilled professional under the subclass 457 visa program are:

  • For the applicant employer applies to be sponsor
  • For suitable position employer must nominate
  • Employee applies for visa

The forms and applications for these three stages can be submitted at the same time.

Visa Eligibility:

  • Applicant must be sponsored by an employer to fill a nominated skilled position
  • Applicant must have qualification, skills, and experience an employment that matches the requirement for the position
  • Language proficiency
  • Applicant must be eligible for registration or relevant license for the nominated position
  • Health Insurance is compulsory

Documents required:

  • Document about character and health
  • Identity proof
  • Document about skills and occupation

Visa features:

Visa holder can stay and work in Australia up to four years. Family can accompany the main applicant. No rules and regulations on travel time and duration in or out of Australia

Visa Processing Time & Fee:

For main applicant visa charge is: $1060

Applicant charge 18 and above: $1060

Applicant charge under 18: $265

Temporary application charge: $700

The time for visa processing is one to three months.

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