The US E-3 Visa is a non-immigration visa designed exclusively for professional Australian citizens with great minds to enter the US and work in their areas of specialty. The spouse and children of a US E-3 Visa may join him or her in the US under the same US E-3 visa provision. It is valid for 2 years and can be extended at the end of the 2 years. Although the H-1B Visa is similar to the US E-3 visa, the most outstanding difference is that the spouse of a US E-3 Visa holder is allowed to work in the US with no restrictions.


To be eligible for the US E-3 Visa, applicants must fulfill the following USA E3 Visa requirements:

  • Be a citizen of Australia
  • Already have a legit job in the US
  • Have due permission and license to practice in his or her field
  • Be taking up a job in a field that needs special skills and knowledge which the applicant possesses
  • Have the required educational qualifications needed in the field
  • Applicant must intend to return to his or her country after the job is done or upon the expiration of the visa

Along with the above requirements, the following documents are required:

  • A valid passport
  • Certificate and other credentials showing academic qualifications of the applicant
  • Letter of employment
  • Evidence of filing a Labor Condition Application
  • A document explaining the duties of the applicant


US E-3 visa holders enjoy the following benefits:

  • They are entitled to work without restriction in the US for as long as their visa is valid
  • The dependents of the US E-3 workers are allowed to join them in the US
  • The dependents of the US E-3 workers can work and school in the US

Fee Structure:

The application fee for the US E-3 Visa is $270 and $190 for filling and change or extension of the visa.

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