The US H4 visa is a non-immigrant visa designed for family members of an H1 visa holder who is working in the US if they apply for an Employment Authorization Document. The visa grants the family members the license to join their H1 relative in the US and also work in the US. The family member must either be a spouse or child of the H1 visa holder residing in the US.


Apart from being an immediate family member of an H1 Visa holder, no other qualification requirement is demanded from a US H4 Visa applicant. Holders of the US H4 visa do not need to apply for the extension of their visa and they lose their eligibility to stay in the US once the visa of the H1 family relative expires.

The following documents are required for filing an application for a US H4 Visa:

  • A valid passport for each of the family members
  • One passport photograph
  • Previously held passports of each family member
  • Receipt for payment of application fee
  • Civil certificates like birth certificate and marriage certificate


The US H4 visa enables the holder to:

  • Join their US counterpart in the US for as long as the US counterpart remains in the US
  • Work or be employed in the US once they apply and an approved Employment Authorization Document
  • Continue their studies in the US

Fee Structure:

The US H4 Visa application fee is $190.

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