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Highly qualified individuals and skilled experts can avail Permanent Resident visas for themselves and their families. These visas are also issued to business investors.

If you are planning to immigrate as Permanent Residents, why wait, approach us and we would be happy to guide you.

When you choose to work, settle and live abroad, you become eligible for varied benefits such as free education for your children, medical and also retirement benefits. When you receive PR, You are eligible to work with any employer except few government agencies. You can also choose to begin your own business.

Our organization has gained experience by processing 1000\\\'s of visas for the applicants who wish to immigrate. We are the best consultants since we offer you the right information about immigration services.

�    Denmark
�    Canada
�    Ireland
�    United Kingdom
�    Hong Kong
�    Germany
�    Australia
�    New Zealand

Frequently, the rules of immigration keep on changing and there are new options which are available. Please E-mail us if you do not find the country of your choice in the list above and you will be assessed for that particular country.

There are various types of options in Permanent Residence.

Some of the exciting ones have been listed below. For long term visa, there are a number of options available for the applicant, his/her children and spouse. The visa may be converted to citizenship in a number of cases. A few reasons why people opt to immigrate to other countries include healthcare & retirement benefits, visa-free travel, and Free education for children.

Skilled Immigration:

�    The skilled immigration would be based on the points.
�    The eligibility criteria for skilled immigration would be the candidate below 51 years old with an occupation (listed on the country�s list), minimum two years experience and must have the knowledge of good English or French language.
�    For those who want to settle overseas this would be the most popular way.

Territory/State/Province Sponsored Immigration:

�    Identical to skilled immigration.
�    Your occupation must be in the list of the states.
�    Long term visa must be changed to PR & citizenship.

Employee based immigration:

�    It is much reputed option for most of the countries.
�    Overseas employers and those applicants who find a full time job will be eligible for this visa.

Zentora Overseas Careers offer valuable services for job search in order to help the candidates to market themselves to the employers who are overseas. Zentora Overseas Careers has been more successful with this and have a high rate of success. Please click here for more information.

Migration with family:

�    Permanent residency is offered by few countries, if the applicant\\\'s immediate family members or first cousin stays overseas.
�    The person or relative who is sponsoring must be a permanent resident or citizen of that particular country.

Investment Migration:

�    Most countries offer a Permanent Resident visa or a temporary visa for investment.
�     Amounts for investment can range from $50,000 to $500,000 or more.

Work Visa:

�    Work Permit Visa for UK
Please do apply for an assessment, to begin with any of these options. To discuss the above options or to know more, please consult the experts of Zentora Overseas Careers now.

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