Working Holiday Visa Expansion In Australia Offers Several Benefits -2nd July, 2019

Working Holiday Visa
Australia has expanded the visa program for the Working Holiday Visa Maker with effect from the 1st of July.  It offers several benefits to regional communities and farmers and at the same time fosters close ties with many countries. It also makes available more places now to the youths from several countries. Additionally the travelers will get the option of staying for the third year also provided they work in regional areas. 

These changes address labor shortages

David Coleman, the Minister for Immigration, and Citizenship, stated that these changes have the aim to address labor shortages in different regions. The WHM program had a successful run since 1975. By using it a large number of travelers work, visit, and support regional as well as remote economies every year. The program is greatly successful in boosting links between people of different nationalities. There is an involvement of youths from Australia and also of 44 countries.

The trend shows additions

There is an addition of Greece (500 places) and Ecuador (100 places) in the New Work and Holiday arrangements commencing from July 1st. There is an addition in the Annual caps benefitting citizens of Spain, Peru, Israel, Chile Argentina, Singapore, Malaysia, and Portugal.

Additionally, the eligible age for French applicants was increased to 35 years.

Simon Birmingham, Minister for Tourism and Investment stated that people involved in the working holidays were vital for the tourism industry in Australia. Additionally, they stay longer, spending more money and also by travelling deep into regional areas in comparison to other global visitors.

They spend the money that is earned in Australia, part with their savings and are immensely helpful in creating additional jobs for the local people in the tourism/hospitality industry.

Summary of changes in this visa:

Working Holiday Makers completing six months in a specific regional employment in the second year are eligible for the third year term of the visa. The 6 month work must happen after 1st July 2019, and all the applications can be filed from Jan 2020.

The period of WHM subclass 417/462 work was extended for the same agricultural employer, to 12 months from six months.

Also there is an Increase in the spots available for travelers. The countries and their quotas are:

  • Spain 1,500 up to 3,400,
  • Israel 500 up to 2,500,
  • Peru 100 up to 1,500,
  • Chile 2,000 up to 3,400,
  • Argentina from 1,500 up to 2,450,
  • Malaysia 100 up to 1,100,
  • Singapore from 500 up to 2,500
  • Portugal 200 up to 500.

Greece now has 500 places and Ecuador 100 new places, which are the freshly added nations to this visa program. Presently it caters to 44 countries.

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