US H-1B Visas Denial Rate at a Record High in 2019 affecting Indians -26th September, 2019

US H-1B Visas Denial Rate at a Record High in 2019 affecting Indians
The visa denial for Applicants to the US H-1B visas is increasing at a steady pace in recent years. There were a series of changes from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services leading to raising the approval standards, making it hard for the people on temporary working status to seek approval in the United States. Even the American companies intending to hire global talent, are feeling the pinch of these restrictions significantly.

The National Foundation for American Policy states that the denial rate in H-1B applications increased to 33% at present from 6% in 2015.  In 2018 it was 24% and previous to that it was only 13%. The US H-1B visa is very popular to get the US temporary status, and through it the overseas nationals possessing special knowledge can work for a local employer and follow the path to obtain the US Green Card. The H-1B visas availability has allowed American business community to hire global talent that is seriously important to develop American tech sectors. 

USCIS -New Policies Limit H-1B Access

The increase in H-1B denials, and growth in restrictions regarding H-1B visa access, was linked to USCIS decisions and raising of standards of proof, to approve visa applications. These policies were started in April 2017 when President Trump passed an Executive Order regarding Buying and Hiring with a focus on America.

More restrictions in the application process of H-1B have happened without changing the American law or relevant regulations. USCIS systematically rewrote issuing of H-1B visas, not following the law, and changed the sense of predictability.  

American Tech Companies Bear the Brunt

Top employers employing the H-1B visa holders had an increase in denial rate of visa applications in the last four years. Many Major tech companies today cannot hire the global talent that helped them to succeed.

Looking to Canada

As continue to be met with more also owing to the present restrictive access of H-1B visas and the challenges of American companies and overseas workers there is a shift towards Canada. The skilled workers can gain status in Canada as it has a policy of welcoming economic immigrants in large numbers.

There is a plan to welcome nearly 3500000 professionals every year presently for three years. This serves the skilled workers and they can find it easy to make Canada their permanent home. 

Canada has fast economic immigration pathways that grant permanent residence and the selected professionals can live and work at any place in the country. Also the Canadian programs are quick to adapt to attract skilled workers to their workforce, in technology and IT sectors.

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