UK Launches Fast-Track Visa for Doctors from Many Nations Including India -6th January, 2020

UK Launches Fast-Track Visa for Doctors from Many Nations Including India
The U.K government recently approved the plans to launch a visa for eligible nurses & doctors from nations around the world, including India, to overcome the workforce shortfall in the National Health (NHS) Service which is state funded.

Introduction of New NHS Visa

UK PM Boris Johnson had made inputs to such a new "N.H.S visa" in the election campaign trail, and it was accepted as part of the UK Queen's Speech in Parliament the official process of Queen Elizabeth II putting out the parliamentary program of the newly-elected Conservative Party government.

Preventive steps will be taken to progress and support the workforce of National Health (NHS) Service and the latest visa will assure eligible nurses, health professionals and doctors have fast-track admission to the United Kingdom.

An accompanying government announcement paper clarifies that beneath its N.H.S People Plan, eligible doctors, allied health professionals and nurses with an offer of employment from the N.H.S, and also who have been skilled to a approved standard, will be awarded with a fast-track entry, lowering the visa fees and dedicated help to come to the UK.

The U.K government has announced that its latest immigration sand visa system, which could be in place post Br-exit once U.K has left the European Union (E.U) subsequent year, would be "better" as it would place skilled immigrants from throughout the globe at par once the E.U's rules on freedom of movement no longer applicable to the UK.

Highlights of the UK Queen’s Speech

The broad-ranging Queen's Speech included a wide range of government plans, with the Brexit deadline on 31 Jan 2020 at the center of the agenda.

Ministers will explore a future association with the European Union depends on a free trade deal that profits the entire United Kingdom. They will also start trade negotiations with different leading global economies.

It has also fixed an aspiring environmental plan for the UK, which involves a ban on the export of polluting plastic garbage to nations outside the Economic Cooperation & Development Organization (OECD), and build a new, world-leading fair regulator in law. India was among the nations that got some of the UK's plastic waste till it brought in a law beginning of this year to work towards stopping that practice.

These revisions will be included in the latest Environment Bill and along with the over 30 bills announced in the Queen's Speech, 7 of which related to Brexit.

The government of the U.K also announced the shutting down of the Exiting the European Union Department, usually pointed as the Br-exit Department, on 31 Jan 2020 which is the Br-exit deadline.

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