UK Extends Its Work Visas for Two Years for Foreign Graduates -11th September, 2019

 UK Extends Its Work Visas for Two Years for Foreign Graduates
Foreign students are to be granted a two-year work visa following graduation from a UK university, the government will publish, overturning a fundamental policy of Theresa May’s prohibitive policies of immigration.

Presently, graduates with masters or bachelor’s degrees are permitted to look for work for just for four months. From the following year, all foreign graduates could eligible for two years to work in the UK, improving their possibilities of finding long-term work after studying.

The proposal goes considerably better than the Home Office’s recent immigration white paper, which intended to prolong the 4 months limit to 6 months and the limit for those individuals with doctorates to a year.

It is a reversion to the policy that was rejected by the coalition government in the year 2012. Theresa May as the home secretary told that the two-year post-study work visa was extremely generous.

That move was criticized for a decline in global student enrollments. Jo Johnson, who left as universities minister in the previous week, has fought for post-study visas to be prolonged, and in April he tabled a reformation to the bill of immigration asking for two-year work visas.

New Policy Will Benefit Global Students, UK Universities and Employers

Below the current policy, the visas would have no limit on numbers and would enable graduates to appeal for jobs irrespective of their skills or the subject they studied. The UK government also said their aim was to recruit skilled graduates in all disciplines such as engineering, maths, and technology.

The initiation of a two-year post-study work visa is something UK Universities has continued the campaign for and we greatly welcome this policy reform, which will set us back where we fit as the first option for study destination, Jarvis stated. Not only will a broad range of firms now profit from access to skilled graduates from throughout the globe, but these students also hold lifelong connections with the UK.

Previous year universities of UK educated about 460,000 foreign students, not including those from the EU. The UK government intends to increase the number to 600,000 over the following 10 years.

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