Tremendous Growth Observed in Atlantic Canada Immigration -29th October, 2019

Tremendous Growth Observed in Atlantic Canada Immigration
Between 2011 & 2016, Atlantic Canada encountered the weakest population increase in the nation. It was due to the region’s low immigrant intake.

Population increase is essential to promote the growth of the economy that is important for managing high living standards in the Atlantic region of Canada. Understanding this, the 4 Atlantic ProvincesPrince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick are making notable efforts to welcome and hold more immigrants.

These efforts are now producing fruits as the region has recently experienced a much-needed population increase thanks to greater immigration levels.

Tracking Towards 6.5% of Canadian Immigrants

Atlantic Canada covers 6.5% of the Canadian population but has struggled to bring its proportionate part of the country’s immigrants. In the first 2000s, the region was only able to bring 1% of immigrants.

This is changing, however, and the region is presently on track to improve its immigrant share to 5% in 2019. It is now welcoming higher than 14,000 immigrants annually related to only 3,000 two decades before.

This growth should be praised, but more work prevails. Except for PEI, the other 3 Atlantic Provinces still lag the federal per capita immigrant intake.

Nevertheless, the present trends recommend the region could welcome its proportionate share of Canadian immigrants someday in 2020.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot & PNP have Fueled Immigration Level

Just like in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Atlantic Canada has depended on the PNP to fuel its increasing levels of immigration.

The PNP was started in 1999 to encourage smaller provinces & territories to attract more immigrants. New Brunswick was the initial province in the Canadian Atlantic region to choose the PNP, doing so the same year it started and Newfoundland and Labrador succeeded shortly later this P.E.I and Nova Scotia provinces were the next to join, in 2001 & 2003, sequentially.

In the year 2017, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (A.I.P) was launched to give the region an additional tool for bringing more economic class immigrants. Since then, approximately 4,200 immigrants have obtained Canada PR through the A.I.P.

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