Top Tips to obtain Work Visas for Master Law Graduates -28th May, 2019

Top Tips to obtain Work Visas for Master Law Graduates
The LL.M. degree obtained overseas can provide local knowledge besides adding to the networks to get the local job. There are many benefits to doing so abroad. Below we provide a list of popular study places, along with an idea of available options, for the post-LL.M. visa.

Many countries have bar exams and other qualification norms even after a person receives an LL.M. degree. There are a few procedures for practicing law.

USA OPT visa permits 12 months of work subsequent to obtaining LL.M.

There are prominent law schools in the US like Yale, Harvard, and Stanford, and it attracts many foreign law students every year. There are many routes using LL.M. in the US job market. The Optional Practical Training program, (F-1 visa,) grants 12 months work time to a graduate of after leaving the law school. Moreover, the students can apply for the H-1B visa, that provides three years of work authorization. A student should also have a job offer from the employer.

The Berkeley Law School California and many other schools have a sizable majority of the LL.M. group from overseas. Some students remain in the USA by using the OPT scheme.  The market is tough for attorneys in the United States.

The ideal route for an employer who sponsors the H1-B visa is to start working for the same employer in a different country. After they spend some years and build a practice linked to the US, the employer can give a transfer to them to the US office for short/long terms.

LL.M. students additionally have to pass a bar exam in the country.

United Kingdom: stiff visa restrictions for LL.M. graduates

In the United Kingdom overseas LL.M. students need to get a job offer from a local employer before they graduate to get the Tier 2 visa.  Additionally, the employers have to pay the five-year general visa cost of £7,000. Another issue is that the skilled workers, to get an admission from Non-EU area, has an annual cap of 20,700.

The Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur visa benefitting the business upstarts lets them stay in the Kingdom for one year.

Canada provides a 3-year work visa on completing the LL.M.

All foreign students having the master’s degrees of two years automatically get the right for staying and working in Canada for 3 years, on completing the graduation. After that period is over the candidates can seek permanent residency in Canada.  Moreover, it has relaxed immigration laws and a welcoming environment for foreign talents.

Last year it issued overall 572,415 study permits.  Additionally, in 2018, 10,950 study permit holders opted for permanent residents. For Practicing law in Canada, the graduate needs to pass a bar exam.

Australia provides   graduate work visa (Temporary) for LL.M. graduates

Australia enjoys a good reputation on the global stage for its progressive visa policies for attracting overseas students. The Temporary Graduate visa allows graduates to work in the country instantly after completing the course anywhere globally for 18 months.

New Zealand provides a post-study work visa for these graduates

New Zealand offers the post-study work visa when the study program is for 60 weeks duration at the minimum.

China: LL.M. graduates can apply to get the work visa

China has the plan to enroll 500,000 global students annually by 2020. The Chinese Student Visa (X Visa) is split into X1 and X2 types.

The X1 visa caters to those who study for six months in the Chinese school. The duration of the LL.M. program is one or two years. There is a post-study visa option with five-year validity. Please consult the Chinese Consulate.  The decision and process time are within a week.

Europe: individual states have their own post-LL.M. visa rules

France, LL.M. graduates are eligible to apply for Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour, which is a temporary permit for residency allowing work for one year while searching for a job. On the period expiry or getting the job, the applicant has to seek a work permit for the employment duration.

Germany attracts LL.M. graduates progressively.

All Overseas candidates can also submit the extension application of their student visa for 18 months to do a job. On getting it they can seek the residence permit and work for an indefinite period.

In Spain, these graduates also need a Spanish company job offer to work after they get a degree. There are norms for the company.

The Netherlands has a fine visa regime that boosts overseas applications to its graduate programs. Students can seek the Orientation Year visa, which allows them to stay in for one year after graduation. Subsequently, they get the top skilled migrant visa.

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