The UK has a plan to increase visas to professionals of non-EU areas after Brexit -20th November, 2017

The UK has a plan to increase visas to professionals of non-EU areas after Brexit
PM Theresa May has announced that the UK has decided to double the visa numbers, to be presented to non-EU nationals. This will be a part of the post-Brexit strategy to professionals showing promise in the technology, creative industries, and arts.  

The visas to be issued by using the route of Tier-1- Exceptional Talent, will annually increase from the 1,000 to 2,000. The focus is on attracting the bright and top talent from across the world, in various fields and for digital technology.

The PM also stated that the increase in visa was a part of the measures aimed at the digital technology sector.

Besides preparing for leaving the European Union, she clarified that the country will stay open for the conduct of business. The government will take all possible steps for securing a great future for the prosperous technology sector and see that people all over the nation get the opportunity to share the benefits and success.

The digital technology sector was a fastest- growing industry. It boosts productivity, ably supports talent, and creates several top skilled jobs in the country. This sector will receive the complete governmental support she added.

The UK Home Office shall review its cooperation with organizations across Britain and make sure that more persons take up the extra visas available outside London also.

Amber Rudd, Home Secretary for the UK, will meet experts in technology domain to know their views to make visa processes better. Increasing the share of visas will ensure that there are attempts to stay the heart of world culture, and at the front in making scientific and digital advances.

The 2,000 additional visas are aimed at existing or promising global leaders working in the arts, digital technology, creative and science sectors. The organizations like Arts Council England; Tech City UK; The Royal Society; The British Academy, and The Royal Academy of Engineering will play an endorsing role in it.

The allocations of more visas will be made to all these endorsing bodies subject to their requirements.

Philip Hammond UK Chancellor stated that Britain was leading the world, to carry out digital innovation and was home to some bright and top technological firms. They have the capacity to give solutions to the technological issues of the public sector and increase productivity. This will lead to creating a smart nation working for an economy fit.

Certain measures were revealed in the digital sphere like the investment of 21-million-pound called Tech Nation for expanding Tech City in the UK to make a network for the nation.

There will be a fund of 20-million-pounds to help the public services to improve their expertise Artificial Intelligence technology. Tech Nation is given the task of expanding the hub model to more location in the UK, like Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, and Edinburgh. Eileen Burbidge, chairman of Tech City UK said that under the banner of Tech Nation, the UK facilitated innovation and showed its class to the world. It was a leader in sectors like fin-tech, artificial intelligence, life sciences, and cybersecurity robotics. It aims to create a national network meant for digital excellence to make the UK recognized as an ideal center in the world to start digital tech businesses.

The May government made an announcement to launch a Training Program of 20-Million Pound which will impact on the teenagers and youth, for testing their skills in online cyber threats.

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