Scottish Government Suggests Improvements on UK Post-Study Work Visa -5th August, 2019

UK Post-Study Work Visa
As per the UK’s latest post-Brexit immigration system – the UK Post-Study Work Visa contribution for students is comparatively weak with global competitors, a new report has discovered.

Research Analysis on UK Post-Study Work Visa

The analysis observed that nations are increasingly developing policies of migration aimed at bringing and retaining global students.

Among the principal findings of the Government of Scotland commissioned review was that the Government of UK should offer a more competing post-study work offer which brings into consideration of application timelines and ease of application, work entitlement, program length, and possibilities for applying to the program after leaving the UK.

It observed an engaging post-study work offer in itself is not enough to assure the long-term holding of global students and asked the UK Government to implement further measures encouraging their longer-term retention. These additional measures include language and support of employability, integration programs, information, and advice on conditions of stay and opportunities of employment.

Dr. Paulina Trevena, University of Glasgow, took out the review, which examined at nine nations– Canada, Australia, the US, New Zealand, and, within Europe Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Ireland.

Possibilities for obtaining work experience are essential for global students, said Trevena. Meantime, the UK’s present and projected post-study work offer is far less engaging than in its competitor nations.

Brexit and the negative environment about immigration also discourage foreign students from coming to the UK, particularly those from EU nations.

Scotland Opinion on UK Post-Study Work Visa

Ben Macpherson, Scottish Migration Minister, told like several other developed nations Scotland also faces difficulties coping with an aging population and labor deficits, and the necessity to attract skilled labor in the knowledge economy.

The Government of Scotland has long fought for the restoration of the post-study work visa, to enable students studying for all degrees at the level of bachelor and higher can remain in the UK for a couple years after graduating.

The Government of Scotland says the Immigration policies of the UK government are not delivering enough for Scotland. We need to customize the policies of immigration that better match for Scotland’s requirements. We will proceed to push for the post-study work reintroduction in Scotland so that individuals who study here can then develop their lives and careers here.

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