Rural & Northern Pilot: Claresholm, Alberta Receives 5,000 Applications -11th March, 2020

Rural & Northern Pilot: Claresholm, Alberta Receives 5,000 Applications
Claresholm Community in Alberta province, with a population of 3,800, has been flooded with higher than 5,000 applications from 70 various nations for the Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot (R.I.N.P).

The town, located 90 minutes from Calgary south, started applications in February 2020, and officials are shocked by the interest level shown. It intends to welcome 20 applicants in the initial year of the 3-year pilot, and more in the subsequent two years.

Selecting 20 applicants from a list of 5,000 promises to be difficult for the local administrators, with jobs available varying from coffee shop workers to food production workers.

Requirements for the R.N.I.P include education, language, work experience, and also settlement funds. Applicants are also expected to have an offer of a job on the table to qualify. Claresholm is one of the 11 communities selected for the pilot.

It is the 6th community to start its website for the R.N.I.P. The others are Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Altona/Rhineland, and Brandon in Manitoba, plus Vernon in British Columbia.

R.N.I.P Engaging Communities


Community Status for Accepting Applications

North Bay, ON

Coming soon

Sudbury, ON

Coming soon

Timmins, ON

Coming soon

Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Accepting Applications

Thunder Bay, ON

Accepting Applications

Brandon, MB

Accepting Applications

Altona/Rhineland, MB

Accepting Applications

Moose Jaw, SK

Coming soon

Claresholm, AB

Accepting Applications

Vernon, BC

Accepting Applications

West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson), BC

Coming soon

RNIP Eligibility Criteria

Work Experience:

Applicants must have eligible work experience or graduated from a public-funded post-secondary institute in the community that is recommended.

Applicants must have one year of constant full-time or part-time work experience (1,560 hours) in the previous 3 years. The work experience needs to be in one profession and must cover most of the principal duties and all of the fundamental duties noted in the National Occupational Classification code (N.O.C).

Language Requirements:

Candidates should meet Canada's Language Benchmarks (CLB) or NCLC based on the National Occupational Classification code of their job.

The minimum language conditions for each NOC category are

  • N.O.C 0 and A: CLB or NCLC 6
  • N.O.C B: CLB or NCLC 5
  • N.O.C C and D: CLBor NCLC 4

Educational Qualification:

Applicants must have Canada's high school diploma or a similar international credential with an authorized educational credential evaluation (ECA) report.

Settlement Funds:

Applicants need to prove they have adequate money to support themselves along with their family members while they become settled in their community. It comprises family members who may not be arriving in Canada. Applicants already working lawfully in Canada are excluded from settlement fund conditions.

Number of family members

Funds you need (in Canadian dollars)













7 or more


Plan to Reside: To engage in this pilot, you need the plan to reside in the community.

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