Quebec Witnesses A Decline In Unemployment Rate During June -8th July, 2019

Quebec Witnesses A Decline In Unemployment Rate During June

There are a lot of positive developments in the Quebec unemployment scenario.

Impressive performance

It has declined to 4.9 percent in June 2019 and shows the lowest rate in four decades. The province is just 0.4 percent behind British Columbia, where the provincial unemployment is at a low level of 4.5 percent.

Additionally, at the National level June was a consolidating month where the unemployment moved up by 0.1 percent to stand at 5.5 percent.

Moreover, during the second quarter the employment increased by 132,000, owing to the domination of full-time job work. In 2018, Canada added 421,000 jobs, showing an increase of 2.3 percent.

As a part of the Demographics, the age-group of 55 years and above added 22,000 jobs in June. The share was 16,000 men and 6000 women. There was a decrease in Unemployment for this age-group by 0.6 percentage standing at 4.7 percent.

The statistics

In the age bracket of 25-54 years the decrease in Unemployment was by 18,000, with the unemployment rate being 5.1 percent. Finally, there was no change in women core-age sector during June. The figures for age bracket of 15 -24 years there was an increase in unemployment to 10.7 per cent. In 2018, the youths added 56,000 jobs.

Labor Force Survey Highlights

Unemployment rate (%)


Employment rate (%)


Labor force participation rate (%)


Number unemployed


Number working


Youth (15-24) unemployment rate (%)


Men (over 25) unemployment rate (%)


Women (over 25) unemployment rate (%)


Provincial Picture

There was a decline in Quebec unemployment standing at its record low, and the annual job gain was 68,000, Alberta added t 10,400 jobs in June. Unemployment declined to 6.6 percent, and there were gains in the educational services, accommodation and food services; besides in the health care and social assistance sectors. In 2018, Alberta added 30,000 jobs, and there was a concentration of gains during the second quarter. Saskatchewan added 2,500 jobs for the unemployment rate of 5.1 percent. Employment grew in the province by 9,300 in the last year.

Canadian Provinces with Low Unemployment

Jobs change June

Unemployment rate (%)

1) British Columbia



2) Quebec



3) Saskatchewan



4) Ontario



5) Manitoba



6) Nova Scotia



6) Alberta



8) New Brunswick



9) Prince Edward Island



10) Newfoundland & Labrador






Industry figures for Canada Jobs

Health care and social assistance added 22,000 jobs in June, after an identical increase in May. There was growth across a number of provinces, and the leader was British Columbia, adding 108,000 jobs in 2018. The gains were concentrated in Quebec and Alberta in the educational services with the addition of 13,000 jobs in June, and a consolidation of 12-month gains standing at 53,000, -4 percent.

The transportation and warehousing gained 13,000 jobs, in Ontario, and the year-on-year gain was 63,000, - 6.3 per cent.

Also in the information, recreation and culture sectors employment grew by 13,000 in June, mostly in Quebec.

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