Quebec Introduces New Regulations to Protect Temporary Immigrant Workers -30th November, 2019

Temporary Immigrant Workers

The Quebec Government has announced the latest regulations to protect temporary immigrant workers from controversial practices by recruiters, placement agencies and companies.

Below the latest rules, personnel recruitment and placement agencies for temporary immigrant workers will require a permit to operate. Agencies that previously offer services will soon have to apply to the commission of province that responsible for labor standards in the province, the C.N.E.S.S.T, for a permit within 1 January and 14 February 2020, to legally maintain their activities.

The C.N.E.S.S.T will handle the permit system and control the actions of recruiters and companies to make ensure that they follow with the regulation.

New Regulations by Quebec Government

Licenses could be terminated or canceled if an agency fails to follow with the latest rules, which involve conditions such as:

  • Providing international workers with a document describing their working conditions that are applicable in the client organization
  • Assuring that its employees or any individual who advises assists or represents another individual in an immigration application has the necessary accreditation.
In addition to these commitments, recruitment firms and client firms will become jointly responsible for temporary immigrant workers.

Agencies will be needed to provide CAD 15,000 security deposit that will be utilized to compensate workers in the situation of non-payment of salary to them by their company below Quebec’s labor standards Act.

As of 1 January 2020, recruitment firms will also be banned from paying a lower salary to their workers than that of the workers of the client organization, insofar as they execute the same responsibilities in the same company.

The organization can take into account the worker’s skills and experience to determine the wage, but inequality based solely on the status of employment will no longer be allowed.

Employers of temporary immigrant workers will be banned from charging additional fees than the approved fees under a Canadian government program. They also can't keep personal property or property relating to temporary immigrant workers, such as official documents or passports.

Companies will also be expected to provide C.N.E.S.S.T with information concerning the dates of arrival and departure of temporary immigrant workers.

Temporary immigrant workers are authorized to fair and equal working conditions that enable them to undergo a positive work experience. Quebec says that it is very essential that all immigrants who commit to the Quebec economic growth need adequate protection.

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