Quebec Introduces Important Changes in Expression of Interest System -28th June, 2019

Quebec Introduces Important Changes in Expression of Interest System
Quebec introduced a few important changes in the Expression of Interest system, and the ministry of immigration is preparing for issuing the initial invitations by using the Arrima portal.

These regulations are effective from June 26, 2019:

1) 6 Months Extra Validity to the Existing Profiles

The validity of all profiles that are registered in EOI Bank as on June 26th, 2019 will be extended by 6 months.

The persons who registered their profiles in September 2018 get a reasonable chance for receiving the Invitation to apply when the draw begins. This may happen at an early date.

The Quebec EOI commenced in Sep 2018, but the authorities did not conduct a draw till today. The reason is that the government of Coalition Avenir Quebec introduced the Bill 9 in June for scrapping the applications backlog forwarded in the old system and format of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

2) Invited Candidates have 60 Days period for submitting the Applications

Such Candidates who receive the Invitation to Apply will get only 60 Days for submitting the complete Applications from the earlier 90 days period.  The message of the change here is the plan of the authorities to hold an Expression of Interest draw shortly.

The aim of the reduction involving 60 days provides a speed to the system of Skilled Worker immigration in Quebec. Moreover, it also allows the candidates in submitting their applications swiftly. Furthermore, these candidates must keep their affairs classified and the applications must be ready, when they receive the Invitation for applying systematically.

3) Future of Profiles Declining the Invitations

All the profiles belonging to candidates receiving the Invitations, but deciding to decline, stay in the Quebec EOI Bank until the period of validity is over.

Working of the Quebec EOI

  1. Candidates firstly submit the EOI profile to the authorities online.
  2. Subsequently these Profiles enter the EOI pool, where a rank is allotted that has 12-months validity.
  3. Profiles are classified in the categories firstly for candidates living in the province, or possessing the job offer besides meeting the specified criteria, and secondly for candidates who are living outside Quebec but also meet the specified criteria.
  4. The candidates get an Invitation for the Quebec Selection Certificate in its QSW Program.
  5. Quebec conducts draws periodically and also invites aspirants to apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate
  6. Candidates who receive the invitation get 60 days for submitting the complete application.
  7. The candidates receiving an Approval of the nomination certificate can apply and seek permanent residence in Canada.

Temporary Residents get Priority to Apply

In the Initial rounds there will be a priority to aspirants applying in the Old System prior to Aug 2, 2018 and lived in Quebec for a temporary period; at the time of submitting the application or when the Bill 9 passed successfully. The candidates must also create their profile in the Arrima system.

The affect will be on 3,700 applications impacting on 5,500 individuals. The EOI in Quebec is similar to the Federal Express Entry, in its working. The candidates here complete a profile (self-assessed) in the EOI pool. The candidates with the top-score are selected in this pool and receive an invitation to get the Selection Certificate.

As per MIDI, there will be modification in its invitation criteria as per the requirements of the province. There will be a priority to the persons who can integrate with the province in a fast manner.

The candidates, who submit QSW applications, get a score in the point grid depending on their work experience, education, age, and language proficiency. An experience in Quebec and having the job offer is also helpful. There is an importance to the spouse of applicant for scoring more points.

Developing the Employer Portal

Moreover, Quebec is also developing a fresh employer portal allowing the employers to scrutinize the profiles and get in touch with the candidates who submit in Arrima profile. It will be launched in Feb 2020 and also allows employers in making direct job offers using the system. Immigration Minister also stated that there will be a priority to the candidates who receive such job offers.

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