Quebec Immigration: 162 Skilled Workers Received ITAs in Two Arrima Draws -23rd November, 2019

Quebec Immigration: 162 Skilled Workers Received ITAs in Two Arrima Draws

Quebec Immigration issued a sum of 162 ITAs for selection below the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, after conducting two draws in the month of October. Details of the 23 October 2019 and 29 October 2019 draws have been published.

On 23 October 2019, Quebec invited 89 individuals to apply for permanent selection. These applicants were selected based on Quebec’s labor market requirements.

Candidates who received invitations in this recent selection round were among the approximately 16,000 Quebec Skilled Worker Program (Q.S.W.P) applicants who had their initial applications to the program terminated by the passage of changes to Quebec’s Immigration Act. These reforms were passed into legislation on 16 June 2019.

Additionally, they were either excluded from the cap that had been placed when they initially applied to the Skilled Worker Program of Quebec or were living in Quebec on a study permit or work permit on 16 June 2019.

All those who received invitations on 23 October 2019 had an EOI in Quebec’s online enrollment portal, Arrima.

Then on 29 October 2019, Quebec issued invitations to 73 candidates to submit an application for Canada PR.

Those who invited in that draw required to have a valid offer of a job. Invitations were also sent to global nationals living in Quebec carrying out official responsibilities. Among other professions, these officials included consular officers, diplomats, and representatives of an intergovernmental association such as the United Nations.

Quebec has issued 1757 invitations to QSWP candidates with an Arrima profile since 4 July 2019.

Quebec's Arrima

Arrima was launched in 2018 to control the bank of applicants for the Q.S.W.P after the program was changed from a paper-based to “first-come,first-served” application method to a system of Expression of Interest (EOI).

Quebec’s EOI system controls the bank of applicants for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), which is demanded in order to apply for Canada PR in the province by the Program of Quebec Skilled Worker.

Applicants show their interest by building a profile in Arrima, which is then put in the pool of applicants and given a rank based on either a score or other criteria.

Immigration Ministry of Quebec announces invitations to apply for a C.S.Q based on either a candidate’s score or various factors such as labor requirements in the provincial rural areas.

Candidates who get a CSQ can apply for Canada PR with Canada’s immigration ministry, which tests medical and criminal requirements.

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