Ontario Immigration: Importance of Ontario Regional Immigration Strategy -6th September, 2019

 Ontario Immigration
The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) welcomed 106,000 latest permanent residents in 2018. The GTA welcomed a higher number of immigrants than Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and the 4 Atlantic Provinces joined.

GTA Immigration is not lagging down as the region has previously welcomed approximately 60,000 immigrants in the initial half of 2019 significantly greater number of immigrants than any other province that can attract over a complete year.

Immigration is surely advantageous to the GTA as it delivers the region as one of the most vibrant in terms of culture in the globe, and also economically and financially stronger than the rest of Ontario. At the meantime, it would be advantageous for immigrants.

Immigrants Distribution Across Ontario

Today, the GTA comprises 45% of Ontario’s population but brings approximately 80% of its immigrants. It means that 55% of the province profits from only 20% of its immigrants. This happens at a time when newcomers are required more than ever to ease the economic and financial difficulties that are posed by Canadian aging population and lower birth rate.

Connecting newcomers with good job openings in different parts of Ontario would help them as they can start their lives in Canadian communities that are further affordable than the GTA.

The provincial and federal governments recognize the significance of improving the wider immigrant’s distribution over Ontario.In its budget in 2019, the government of Ontario noted it will examine the latest pilot programs so that smaller communities can bring more newcomers. The federal government started a significant new initiative in earlier this year known as the Northern and Rural Immigration Pilot that strives to support communities over Canada along with northern Ontario that will benefit from greater immigration.

As per the new report Conference Board of Canada decided to:

  • Create a new Strategy for Ontario Regional Immigration
  • Improve the Ontario PNP
  • Strengthen economic associations between employers and global talent 
  • Market communities over the province of Ontario
  • Increase awareness of immigration
Ontario's Immigrant Nominee Program can be improved to grant more points to applicants interested in living in GTA outside. For instance, preference could be given to foreign students and temporary international workers who are now living in such communities.

Immigrants will remain to be fascinated by the GTA’s tremendous economy and diaspora communities. It is a great time that Canada recognizes how the other 55% of Ontario can get even bigger economic and cultural advantages from immigration.

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