Obtaining The Freelance Visa In Germany - A Complete Guide -25th May, 2019

Freelance Visa In Germany
The freelance visa is very popular with non-EU nationals for living and working in Germany. We bring the details of this visa the people eligible to apply for it - and what it allows a person to do?

Understanding the complex visa rules is difficult and Germany has a federal structure, besides varying rules for people of different nations, making it tough. Here we provide an overview of this visa in Germany. There is information regarding what it is.


The freelance visa is the Resident's Permit for Self-Employed Activity.  Additionally, it allows a person to live in Germany and work in a specific area.

There is a total list of specified areas that is extensive and has varied professions including the veterinarians, pilots, chemists, and patent attorneys.  There is a special reporting to the German Foreigners’ Registration Office

The specified areas are different from one state to another. The law says that all states have the right to include /exclude any type of freelance work based on the economic needs of the relevant state.

Some other popular categories for the freelance visa are for the language teachers, translators, and journalists, besides the artist visas. Moreover, it is possible to select more than one job if you can make it.

Upon the visa approval, a person is allowed to work in that specific area.

Understanding of freelance work

In Germany, the definition of freelance work is any work done not as an employee, but in the capacity of an external contractor. Freelancers need to pay their health care costs entirely.  Experience with the Foreigners’ Registration Office, in Germany, says that the approval for working as a freelancer does not permit a person to be a company employee.

Furthermore, in case of continually working for an employer as a freelancer, it will be necessary to become an employee. This measure - requires applying for a fresh residence permit connecting a person directly to the company for work.

Persons eligible to apply 

All non-EU citizen having skill and experience in a professional area can apply.  They require showing the qualification evidence or a university degree/certificate.  There is no specific age limit, but any applicant above the age of 45 has to possess sufficient provision for old age.

Where can one apply? 

There is no requirement in Germany for people to apply in their individual countries. Nationals of Canada, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea or the USA can apply in Germany.  Nationals of other countries must check with their embassy.

Norms to apply

The precise nature of the documents necessary to bring is based on applying as a Freiberufler orSelbständiger, the  Selbständiger, requires laying out business concept and make a case to show that it will be successful.  Translating all the documents will be of great help.

Also, check from the relevant state website regarding the terms to apply.

The documents of freelance visa application form, proof of health insurance as well as residence proof in the state you applying are important. Also, necessary documents to prove that you can work successfully in that area for a specific period.

There must be recommendation letters, indicating happiness with your work.

Proof of funds to sustain is also essential. Convince the caseworker that the funds are adequate to survive for one year.

Candidates need a resume/CV, work examples, qualification evidence and finally a cover letter.  Finally bring passport, two biometric passport pictures and cash to pay the visa fees between €40-120.

We bring such details and you can contact us.

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