Newfoundland has a plan for Improving Recognition of Foreign Credential -20th March, 2019

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The provincial government in Newfoundland and Labrador is looking for measures regarding improving the system to recognize the overseas qualifications of fresh immigrants. Moreover, there is a $50,000 funding for projects which help in credential recognition. It will also help in providing pre-arrival services even after the immigrants secure a job. The Expression of Interest process will remain open until April 11, 2019.

The modern barrier

Credential recognition is a main barrier in the process of integration of the fresh permanent residents. Moreover, they are forced to work in low-skilled jobs when they arrive in the country. There is a policy in Newfoundland for increasing the PR numbers.

The Department of Education, Labor, and Skills, is seeking the expressions of interest from organizations providing services regarding credential recognition.

This initiative is a part of the Pan-Canadian Framework to Assess and Recognize Foreign Qualifications. The target occupations in the list are:
• Architects
• Engineers
• Financial auditors and accountants
• Medical laboratory technologists
• Occupational therapists
• Pharmacists
• Physiotherapists
• Registered nurses
• Dentists
• Engineering technicians
• Licensed practical nurses
• Medical radiation technologists
• Physicians
• Teachers (K-12)
• Audiologists and speech-language pathologists
• Carpenters
• Industrial Electricians And Construction Electricians
• Geoscientists
• Heavy-duty equipment technicians
• Heavy equipment operators
• Lawyers
• Midwives
• Psychologists
• Welders.

The funding
The funding is available for projects in the following areas:
1. Extending Preparation and Pre-Arrival Support
2. Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualification,
3. Bridge-to-Licensure and finally,
4. Workforce Participation

Information regarding this EOI process specifies these projects:
• Website and software development/enhancement.
• Developing core resources, practical supports, communications materials, or assessment tools in workforce integration projects.
• Creating programs related to bridging and training.
• Other projects for enhancing present resources in foreign qualification recognition.

Atlantic Canada and Newfoundland are presently facing a struggle to overcome the challenges of an aging population and decreasing labor market. The solution is increasing skilled immigration.

Newfoundland aims to do this by enhancing the scope of the provincial nominee program, and also through becoming a part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. Attracting more new immigrants and also retaining and integrating these newcomers, is a difficult task for the small provinces of Canada.

Finally, after looking into increasing foreign credential recognition, Newfoundland will help the new immigrants to find jobs quickly based on their qualifications. This will be a dominant factor to retain and integrate them.

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