New Zealand Immigration: Reforms in NZ Talent Work Visa During 2019 -18th September, 2019

New Zealand Immigratio

The modifications to the NZ work visa path are the most vital in over a decade. By the year 2021, 6 various types of work visas will be substituted with one specific employer-assisted work visa.

Below the modifications, accreditation status will be necessary by the year 2021 for all companies who are attempting to recruit workers from abroad. But the process and system for application and also the cost of application has not been produced.

The announcement shows that the ‘consultation’ carried at the commencement of the year was just ‘show and say’ by the NZ government. As usual, individuals who involved in the ‘consultation’ were listened to but not understood.

The Influence on Employers

Companies who were smart enough to receive accreditation status below the existing program will be transformed into the latest system in 2021. They are anticipated to experience a simpler time of it than those who didn’t bother to associate with the scheme of accredited employer.

Modern accredited companies will be familiar with the process and conditions that are likely to come. More significantly, they will encounter fewer disturbances in the process of recruiting.

A significant problem that experts predict that, if all businesses want to become accredited, there will be an abundant applications queue. We have no opinion on how New Zealand Immigration will have the resources to handle this. The NZ Government is ensuring a ‘streamlined process’.

Types of Accreditation

The new recommended status of accreditation will have three types:

  • Standard accreditation
  • High-volume accreditation
  • Labor-hire accreditation
Standard accreditation is for employers who aim to employ one to five immigrant workers in 12 months.

High-volume accreditation is for employers who plan to employ five or higher immigrant workers. For high-volume status of accreditation, there will be more rigorous conditions around giving training, upskilling local workers and raising wages and improving other conditions.

Workers who possess work to residence visa below the contemporary rules will also be released their immigration status is secure. Visa holders of Work to residence who had believed that they can apply directly for the NZ PR visa (as objected to the standard resident visa) will be frustrated. But minimum they can still receive a resident visa – they simply need to continue in New Zealand to obtain the PR visa.

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