New Temporary Work Visas Launched by Australian Immigration - November 29, 2016

New Temporary Work Visas Launched by Australian Immigration

A series of new temporary work visa subclasses were launched by Australian Immigration and have been made available from 19th November 2016.

The four new visas are listed as follows:

  1. Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa.
  2. Subclass 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa.
  3. Subclass 407 Training Visa.
  4. Subclass 408 Temporary Activity Visa.

The new visas have been introduced to make the application process easy for a temporary work visa.  The requirement of nomination & sponsorship for specific short stay activities is scrapped in order to reduce the red tapism for foreign workers, businesses and industry.

The applicants are facilitated to apply online for visa and single sponsorship, under a temporary activities sponsor, instead of the existing six sponsorships such as entertainment, long stay activity, professional development, special programme, super yacht crew and training & research.

The new visas are available for foreign nationals to apply from November 19th onwards, to enter Australia based on these new visa categories.

Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa

This new visa allows the foreign workers aspiring to enter Australia on a temporary basis to:

  • Accept highly specialized, short-term work that is not  continuously.
  • Involve in an employment or activity related to Australia‚Äôs interests (only in limited situations).

Subclass 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa

The eligible aspirants are allowed to enter Australia for a short-term under the following conditions:

  • In a manner conforming with a bilateral agreement
  • In order to represent a foreign government or for teaching a foreign language in an Australian institution
  • To undertake full-time, domestic work for a public servant
  • As an individual with Constitutional rights and immunities
  • To take part in a seasonal worker programme

Subclass 407 Training Visa

The aspirants seeking occupational training or seeking to participate in classroom-based professional development activities on a temporary basis, are eligible for a subclass 407 training visa.

Subclass 408 Temporary Activity Visa

This visa is designated for aspirants looking to enter Australia for a short-term and who conforms to any of the following conditions:

  • Looking to work in the entertainment field
  • To participate in temporary cultural or social activities at the invitation of an Australian organization
  • To observe or participate as a scholarly candidate in a research project
  • For undertaking full-time religious work
  • To participate and enhance international relations & cultural exchange in special programme
  • For participating in high-level sports (training)
  • Work in a skilled position under a staff exchange arrangement
  • Participating in an Australian government approved event
  • To work as a super-yacht crew member
  • To take up full-time domestic work in the household of senior civil  executives

To obtain a temporary work visa to enter Australia, you can contact our visa experts for help.

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