New Information for Tourists Regarding International Travel in Canada -26th June, 2019

New Information for Tourists Regarding International Travel in Canada

Canada is an attractive, scenic and wonderful country having a unique culture. It has many world heritage sites, and offers thrill to its visitors. Entering Canada requires an awareness of visa options, health and driving. We offer the details of Visa Requirements.

Obtaining the visa

Depending on your domicile country obtaining a visa is relatively easy because entry requirements in Canada allow applying online. Canada also uses an eTA to deal with its visa requirements.

Having a valid passport, as well as the email address, one can apply online for securing the eTA. This is comparatively easier than reaching the consulate and picking up the visas.

The norms of applying include providing personal and passport information and later following the steps. On approval you receive your visa through the email. All persons traveling by air must have an approved eTA to enter the country.

60 countries are eligible to use the eTA for securing the Canada visa. They can apply for staying for a period of six months. A longer stay requires applying for an extension but needs applying 30 days before the date of leaving the country.

Other factors

In case the domicile country is not eligible to get the eTA apply through the traditional manner at the Embassy/Consulate.

Identifying process

Canada needs that the applicants have a valid and proper identification available at all times for entering Canada. US citizens can show the passport or NEXUS card for entering Canada.  In case they enter by air they require the eTA.


The health care system in Canada does not apply to foreign nationals. They must have proper medical insurance and an affordable medical evacuation-cover.

Measures in case of Emergency

Needing to phone in an emergency the person must dial at the national number - 911. Also ensure that the mobile has the proper Canada configuration.


Canada uses a system of kilometers per hour for posting the distances and speed instead of the miles per hour. This is confusing and the tourists must ensure that the numbers are converted properly. Diverse provinces have different laws/requirements and hence they must check about these before commencing a journey.

Canada has a French-speaking Quebec region where the Road signs have the writing in French language. This can lead to a few issues and problems. Please check for translations to avoid any trouble with officials.

The extreme winter and wildfires leads to closure of highways at a short notice. Consider and factorize this eventuality.

Canada welcomes you with warmth. Please visit it early happy journey.  Please contact us for any details and explanations.

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