Most Recent Updates About IEC Working Holiday Canada -2nd March, 2020

Most Recent Updates About IEC Working Holiday Canada

Invitations were slow to a trickle as the I.R.C.C (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) catch up on backlog processing. In February 28 week, only 135 invitations to apply were announced for all IEC (International Experience Canada) pools. This is a trickle related to the higher than 40,000 invitations to apply announced in 2020 so far. All pools remain to have “Very Low” opportunities in the subsequent round, so IEC applicants must expect a comparable number of invitations to be announced next week as well.

Refugees, Immigration, and Citizenship Canada (I.R.C.C) earlier intimated fewer invitations to apply would be announced this week. After urging from the immigration expert team through Twitter, I.R.C.C said that because they are presently processing a huge volume of applications, the number of invitations to apply to be issued will reduce not only for this week but for “forthcoming weeks”.

Applicants from the United Kingdom obtained lukewarm news this week, as invitations to apply for the UK have ultimately been announced. However, only 95 invitations to apply were announced to British citizens in this specific week.

More About IEC program

The IEC program permits global youth from higher than 30 nations who are aged between 18 to 35 years (or in some instances, 18 to 30 years) to reside and work in Canada for a maximum tenure of 24 months.

Invitations History– IEC 2020 Season

Make a note that on 21 February 2020 there seemed to be a technical problem with the IEC data published by IRCC. Data revealed that the possibilities of obtaining an invitation to apply in the following round were “Very Low” for all pools of IEC from all nations. We have provided an inquiry with IEC and will refresh the table once we have an explanation from them. So we have excluded the “possibilities of obtaining an invitation”.

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