Manufacturing Industry in Quebec has Severe Labour Shortage of 20,000 Jobs -14th December, 2019

Manufacturing Industry in Quebec has Severe Labour Shortage of 20,000 Jobs
A severe manufacturing labor deficit in Quebec means approximately 20,000 jobs are presently available, as per the industry representatives.

The Quebec Manufacturers and Exporters (M.E.Q) has written a letter to both the federal and provincial governments requesting an immigration increase to support and to cope with the labor shortage.

There are not sufficient skilled workers available, the letter requests, indicating that contracts and business possibilities are being rejected, causing an investment slowing and product development.

The M.E.Q also mentions that the recruiting of under qualified applicants as another problem linked to the labor deficit, in a letter signed by 25 manufacturing firms based on the French-speaking Canadian province.

The letter also urges to rethink on the Quebec’s governing Coalition Avenir policies, especially on immigration, that observed the number of immigrants cut by 20% in the year 2019.

It also recommends reforms under the Program of Temporary Foreign Worker will help in bringing skilled workers immediately, given that immigration reformation can be a long-term process.

The C.A.Q got power at the end of 2018, and despite Quebec province having one of the strongest labor markets of any other Canadian province, pushed ahead with its commitment to slash immigration.

Yearly targets were cut from above 50,000 in the year 2018 to 40,000 in the year 2019. While the C.A.Q has since unveiled plans to gradually increase immigration levels of 2018 by the year 2022, stakeholders argue that this would too small, too late.

Quebec Province's 2020 Plan of Immigration Levels

Since getting to power, the C.A.Q has moved to terminate existing applications beneath the Quebec Skilled Worker (QSWP) Program, affected 16,000 applicants.

The move was intended to hurry up the launch of Arrima, the new Expression of Interest portal, which started announcing invitations in July 2019 after opening almost a year before.

So far, ITAs have been announced only to applicants with an employment offer, or to those lawfully working in the province of Quebec who had applications canceled below the old system.

Meantime, the CAQ also botched improvements below the Quebec Experience Program.

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