Majority of Canadians Supporting Current Immigration Target Plan -10th October, 2019

Majority of Canadians Supporting Current Immigration Target Plan
As per the public opinion, most of the members shows their support to the nation’s immigration levels plan which aims to allow 1 million immigrants until 2021.

As per the new Angus Reid institute public choice survey, higher than 50% of the population residing in Canada supports the country’s latest immigration goal of approximately 331,000 immigrants in 2019.

Angus Reid Institute Survey Details

Out of the 1,522 voters saying about their view on immigration, 39% told that the goal is on the appropriate level while as per another 13% the number should even  bigger.

40% declared that the real goal is in fact too huge, wheres another 8% told they are not sure about the plan.

Prior to Canada’s 43rd federal election to be conducted on 21 October 2019, the survey attended by Angus Reid Institute reflects a public view on the Federal Government’s plan of immigration.

Even though immigration was not among the issues that produced hot talks in the campaign of the election so far, it was one of the 5 themes that Canada’s 6 principal parties argued over last evening.

The aim of allowing 330,800 latest permanent residents was introduced by Justin Trudeau who manages the Liberal government. The Canada PM is going for a second term while the election.

As per the survey, the present government is slightly ahead of the Conservative Party which is accompanied by the New Democratic Party (N.D.P). Poll reveals that the People’s Party of Canada (P.P.C) presently in the last place.

Association among Political Support and Views on Immigration Plan

Later the Angus Reid, Canadian’s opinion on whether the fixed goal is too high changes depending on the voter’s point of view.

As per the Conservative supporters, about two-thirds of voters told the current aim of welcoming 331,000 immigrants in 2019 is just too high. This opinion is reflected in views of 62% of P.P.C voters.

Meanwhile, 60 percent of voters who are going to help the Liberals mentioned that they were happy with the target and Green party and New Democratic Party supporters most probably think that the aim could be greater than the limit.

Nearly 50% of Canadians residing in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the Manitoba province say the number is too high. However, as per the population in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, B.C., and Quebec the target is too little and should be improved.

On their answer whether the immigrants take too many places away from the Canadians, 41 percent of Conservative supporters told this was true where just 18 percent of Green and Liberal supporters accepted with this conclusion.

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