International Experience Canada Starts Accepting 2020 Season Applications -11th December, 2019

  • International Experience Canada Starts Accepting 2020 Season Applications

The International Experience Canada (IEC) 2020 season is now open for applications. As of Monday, 9 December 2019 at 9 a.m. EST (Toronto or Montreal time), the IEC 2020 season is started. We are presently awaiting details of specifically which pools are accessible and when it will be probable to submit your profiles, also details on quotas. Don’t forget to check-in for our significant news for this IEC season, which coming up soon.

The IEC program permits foreign youth from higher than 30 nations who are aged between 18 to 35 years (or in some instances, 18 to 30 years) to reside and work in Canada for a maximum tenure of 24 months.

For the International Experience Canada 2020 season, it will be making the process of appealing for an IEC work permit and to live in Canada simpler than ever. Please check our website for a big announcement on 9 December 2019 and follow us on Twitter and Facebook and to be among the first to gain access to the free evaluation that helps you move to Canada. 

IEC 2019 Season Highlights

  • Repeat Participations through Approved Organizations: In July 2019, Canadian immigration officials clarified that if an I.E.C participant has exceeded their allowable participations under their particular youth mobility contract (YMA), such members can then apply by an approved organization and, if still qualified, increase the number of lifetime participations to a maximum of two more times.
  • Age limit raised for Australians: The IEC 2019 season permitted Australians up to the maximum age of 35 years to engage in the program. It was an increase from prior years where the age deadline for Australians was 30 years. 
  • Luxembourg started participating in IEC: In July 2019, Luxembourg and Canada signed a new youth mobility contract (YMA) allowing the production of IEC pools for applicants from Luxembourg.
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