Indians Exploring New Path to US as EB-5 Investment Jumps to $900,000 -22nd November, 2019

Indians Exploring New Path to US as EB-5 Investment Jumps to $900,000
US E-2 treaty investor visa observed as an alternative option even though Indians not directly qualified.

With a more unfriendly environment even towards legal immigration in the USA, many Indians, who can afford it, started looking at the US EB-5 investor Visa to migrate to the USA.

But with a high wait time and decline experienced in the US EB-5 category in modern times, some Indians are now viewing at the US E-2 visa path to migrate to the USA.

The US EB-5 or the Immigrant Investor Program launched by the Immigrant Act of 1990, has been remarkably famous in India in modern years as it is one of the quickest routes to get Green Card in the USA.

The program granted green cards to newcomers investing a minimum of $500,000 in the latest commercial venture to build and maintain 10 full-time US jobs. But the latest regulations launched earlier this year have increased the price of the US EB-5 visa to $900,000 effective from November 21.

This is the price for investments in a Targeted Employment Area (T.E.A). The minimum required investment increases to $1.8 million from the prior $1 million outside of TEA areas. The latest regulations also tighten limitations on what passes for T.E.A by moving the responsibility of decision from specific states to the US Department of Homeland Security.

Huge Demand for US EB-5 Visa

5 years ago, that is in 2014 only 55 US EB-5 Visas were announced to Indians. This rose to 394 in the year 2018. Demand increased notably this year and India surpassed its yearly cap of 700 visas to such intensity that there is presently a waiting list.

Pushed by these factors, few Indians are seeing at an E-2 visa as an alternative route even though they are not directly suitable for it. They are going this path by first taking up citizenship from an E-2 suitable nation.

An US E-2 visa is often regarded as an excellent way for entrepreneurs attending to begin businesses in the USA as it does not need massive investment and is usually obtained in shorter than 15 days.

It allows an individual to reside & work in the USA while facing retrogression obstacles, and if the E-2 business becomes big enough, it is feasible to change it to a Green Card below the US EB-5 path.

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