India Achieves a Top-Spot in UK Tech Visa Applications -17th June, 2019

India Achieves a Top-Spot in UK Tech Visa Applications
As per the Report of Tech Nation, a designated body of the UK Home Office dealing with the tech visas; the applications from Indians covered several sectors. India and the US were the top countries from where there were a high numbers of visa applications. They were eager to work in the technology sector of UK.

 Increase in demand

There was additionally a big demand increase (45 percent) for the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa for Digital Technology in 2018-19. The applicants increased from 450 to 650 in comparison to the previous year.

The topmost applications were for Software Engineers, Business Developers, Software Developers, professionals in AI and Machine Learning, Financial Technology, and for professionals in Enterprise and Cloud sectors. The response from the nationals of Nigeria, Russia, Canada, Australia, China and South Africa was also good.

Tech Nation is a Designated Competent Body appointed by the UK Home Office among the five for the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa. It is exclusive, in the engineering, digital technology, medicine, science, and the arts and media fields. It also endorses the applicants through the digital technology track, and receives almost half of all applications in the Tier 1 visa.

The UK attracts global talent

The UK attracts talent from everywhere in the world. There is a support of leading academic institutions, sturdy access to finance and a fine reputation for innovation. Furthermore, the priority of a modern Industrial Strategy is to ensure of having the talent and skills for the tech sector to get a good growth. It was launched in 2014, and the Tech Nation route allows the bright and top global tech talent to come and work in the Digital Technology Sector of the United Kingdom. The UK tech sector is attractive to work, and also has connectivity beyond compare. Moreover it offers access to special talent, and there is a high level of innovation and investment.

There is an overwhelming enthusiasm among the applicants for the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent. It is an asset of talent and skills to help the UK to keep a high position in the global digital economy.

The methods of working

Each DCB has the allocation of 200 endorsements in every financial year. Additionally in case of an unprecedented level of incoming applications from the exceptional talents there are 1,000 places as per the allocation of the Home Office.  Also, there was an outstanding quality in the talent in the present financial year. As a result it exceeded its allocation of 200 endorsements by 63 per cent. It will begin the processing of endorsements in September, for the new Start-up and Innovator Visa route.

This measure will enhance the UK visa offer to important global talent. Finally, the system will focus on the skills and talents and not on the origin of a person.

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