Improvements Needed for H1B Program -4th November, 2015

USA H1B Visa
Immigration enforcement and policy practice in United States have been touchy lately. For new comers and longtime residents there will be always friction. Welcoming immigrants are today’s fewer disagreements and more about the legality of the route.

Through H1B visa many benefits are available to the nation. H1B visa strength international competitiveness by adding more advanced skills in to the United State labor pool. Employer who cannot find qualified United Sates applicant for highly skilled occupation can file an H1B petition to recruit a international applicant who is qualified for the vacant position.  

At present cap on the number of H1B visas is 65000 + another 20000 for those with master’s degree. 2 million are in business and professional services. Among all jobs in United States 2.2 million require master’s degree and 3.4 million require doctoral degree.

In fields such as communications software and engineering, biological research the United States has proven to be successful against foreign rival. United States firms must be able to hire more students of the graduates from advanced programs in the United States colleges. This includes international students with advanced skills available through H1B program.

Before year Senate bill called the Border security, economic opportunity and immigration modernization Act would have economic benefits from the H1B institute and program.

Earlier another bill introduced which provides much and similar needed forms. Bill sponsored by Sens. Hatch (R-Utah), Coons (D-Del), Blumenthal (D-Conn), Klobuchar (D-Minn), Flake (R-Ariz) and Rubio (R-Fla) and called the immigration innovation act of 2015 would rise H1B visas from 65000 to between 115000 & 195000 which completely depends on market conditions.

There are number of changes in the new Senate bill, employers are required to pay fee funding the American ingenuity account. Therefore that account will help engineering and mathematics education, foster science for Americans here at home.

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