Important Facts to Consider to Apply For Australia Subclass 482 (TSS) Visa -25th June, 2019

Apply For Australia Subclass 482 (TSS) Visa

An employer sponsors The Subclass 482 (Temporary Skill Shortage) Visa. It permits the holder of Visa for living and working in Australia with a validity ranging between two and four years.

Its purpose

The Visa has an aim of filling up the shortages in skill in Australia. It also allows employers in Australia to hire foreign workers when filling the job vacancies is difficult by using the local workers. The Visa program does not allow all categories of occupations but is available to such occupations that face the shortage of workforce in the country.

 The working of Subclass 482

It has three streams:

  • Short-term stream covering  all the occupations present on the list of the Short-Term Skill List
  • Medium-term stream covering all the occupations as per the Medium-term Skill List
  • Labor Agreement Stream in which the sponsoring local employer and the Department sign a Labor Agreement.

Also the candidates have to fulfill the requirements of these streams for applying to this Subclass Visa.

The steps in this Visa:

  • Lodging of the Sponsorship Application by the employer (sponsoring it)
  • Lodging of the Nomination Application by the employer (sponsoring it)
  • Lodging of the Visa application by applicants

Cost factor for sponsorship application

The fee to lodge the sponsorship application stays at $420. Its processing can take 38 -64 days.

Cost factor for nomination application

The fee to lodge the nomination application stays at $330. Its processing can take 35 -39 days.

Requirements of the Visa application

After lodging the application for Visa, candidates have to show the necessary skills/qualifications for the position. They also must meet the requirement for English language as well as for the health and character.

The applicants can include these family members as a part of the Visa application:

1.   Spouse /Common-Law Partner

2.   A child/step-child

3.   A child/step-children of Spouse/Common-Law Partner

Pathway by using TSS Visa

The applicants can submit the application for a PR after three years in the Sub-class 186 of the Employer Nomination Scheme or else in the Sub-class 187 of RSMS. Moreover, they are eligible in the State Sponsored Subclass 190 or also different PR pathways. For any further assistance regarding the invitations you can consult us.

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