Immigration is a Key Factor for Population Growth in Canadian Maritimes -18th May, 2019

Canadian Maritime Provinces

Immigration is supporting to drive the dynamic population growth in decades in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick revealed by Economic Council of Atlantic Provinces

The 03 provinces, together known as Canadian Maritime Provinces, have been the center of intense efforts to bring and hold experienced foreign workers and their families in current years. Immigration is observed as key to reversing population and labor force drops created by migration to different provinces, reduced fertility rates, and their older people.

Prince Edward Island, identified as P.E.I, has undergone what Economic Council of Atlantic Provinces (A.P.E.C) defined as an “incredible” population rate of increase by 2% year-over-year since 2016.

The report stated net foreign immigration was “the greatest contributor” to these results in P.E.I, with the province showing the most significant number of current immigrants in Canada in 2016-2018, corresponding to the population size.

Nova Scotia posted a normal growth rate of 0.8% through the same period, which the council announced was it is active since the mid-1980s. New Brunswick averaged a yearly growth rate of 0.5 % which was its greatest since the early 1990s.

Newfoundland and Labrador was the exclusive province in the Atlantic region of Canada to record a decline population rate, with its population declining by 0.2% per year.

PNPs are the Most Significant Source of Immigrants

As per the A.P.E.C report, PNPs in the Atlantic provinces of Canada brought 22,000 immigrants to the region within 2016 and 2018, addressing them the greatest source of current immigrants.

PNPs enable engaging provinces of Canada to choose a specified number of economic immigration applicants each year for Canada PR. Each PNP is divided into several streams that are intended to meet various labor force requirements in the province.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot, a Canadian provincial initiative started two years ago to bring foreign workers to the region, has produced in an additional 1,600 current immigrants since late 2017, A.P.E.C said.

The AIPP gives a fast-track to Canadian PR for international workers selected by organizations in the Atlantic region of Canada for jobs that they are not able to fill locally.

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