Human Capital, Experience and Skills are more important under New Express Entry System - November 24, 2016

Human Capital, Experience and Skills are more important under New Express Entry System

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently made improvements for the Express Entry Selection System by considering previous experiences. During the first year of Express Entry System, the cooks or food service supervisors  together totaled to  16% of all invited candidates because of high weight age that job offer has in Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

With the recent changes to the Comprehensive Ranking System, the candidates belonging to various occupations will also get good chance to get invited to apply for permanent residence.

The new changes were revealed this week during the 24th Annual Immigration Law Summit in Toronto, Ontario. As per the details revealed, In 2016, around one-quarter of all candidates received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and IRCC plans to issue more ITAs in 2017 than ever, by giving importance to human capital, experience and skills in CRS score. This is a very good news for remaining candidates in the pool and individuals wishing to create new profiles.

Points for Qualifying Job Offer

A candidate is allowed to enter Express Entry System or receive an Invitation to Apply without any job offer. Till November 19th candidates with qualifying job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment were awarded 600 CRS points.

But, with the recent changes to Express Entry System which are effective from 19th November, 200 points will be awarded for qualifying job offer in an occupation contained in a Major Group 00 of the National Occupational Classification and 50 points for any other job offer.

For the first time points are awarded even for non-LMIA based job offers that include an intra-company transferee or NAFTA work permit workers in Canada. But, in these cases, the employer that made the job offer must be same as it named on the work permit and the worker must have been working in Canada for a minimum period of one year.

The job offer duration requirement has also changed to a minimum period of one year compared to previous duration ‘indeterminate’.

The recent changes are expected to result in:

  • Enabling employers to fill positions with highly-skilled candidates
  • Improvement in immigrant economic outcomes
  • Job offer will significantly increase the chances to apply for permanent residence

Simple Ways to obtain Permanent Residence for Students and Graduates

The recent changes made to CRS has significant changes with respect to international students and graduates in Canada with which the number of students invited or received ITS has increased. In addition, the students are eligible for incentives and points based on different conditions.

The government states that it is looking to bring few more changes in 2017 including awarding points to candidates having siblings in Canada and for candidates who can speak French. But, it was not declared that how and when these changes will become effective.

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