H-1B Visa: US Envoy says Qualified Indians Welcome amidst a strict Policy -6th August, 2018


In the backdrop of a strict Policy by the Trump administration regarding the H-1B visa program, Edgard Kagan, United States Consul General in Mumbai says that the US will encourage and continue to welcome Indians with top qualifications. Moreover, the President was very committed to have a good relationship with India. The US will remain welcoming in nature as it was always before for all qualified Indian travelers.

Last year, there was a record of Indians, flying to the US. This fact proves that the people in India have the awareness regarding USA welcoming them.

He also strongly encouraged and welcomed Indians to take up studies in the US. He also believed that Indians pursuing studies in the US and US students pursuing studies in India hold a warm relationship of togetherness. Indians get great opportunities in the US. Furthermore, USA knows that Indians want a good treatment.

Recent developments

The US administration, as well as the President and his team have expressed a great desire to expand and strengthen the fine relations with India. Additionally there is a need to ensure that there is a continued growth in fair and balanced trade on both sides.

Moreover, both the countries must support investment. He also expressed his happiness regarding the amount of Indians are investing in the US. The US wishes to have a right policy framework to favor investments in both countries. He was also supportive to strong ties between people of the US and India.

The president was proud of the role played by the Americans in India and there was a need to find measures for expanding and highlighting it.

Climate change

He was questioned regarding the US withdrawal from the Paris pact on the issue of climate change. He said that there was a deep commitment to protect the environment in the US and also in the world. Presently, there are trade-offs and a need to take difficult decisions, but there must be a way to go forward and build popular support for having a shared stake in the world. The areas in which both the nations can strengthen the ties further, are in more travels, more people knowing each other, expansion in the study sphere, better partnerships in educational institutions, as well as in businesses.

There must be a need for getting a right regulatory framework, and also encouragement of investments and capital flow.

here must be enough support for venture capital. The technology innovators and entrepreneurs must get loans to support their companies. Finally, there is a necessity in expanding the collaborations between educational and academic institutions also.s

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