Finding the Right way for US - EB-5 Visa Investment Opportunity -23rd October, 2019

Finding the Right way for US - EB-5 Visa Investment Opportunity
Only one month remains before the EB-5 Modernization Rule takes effect. As a result there will be an increase in the amount of minimum investment; and investors must now rush to find proper investment opportunities to get the EB-5 visa.

There are plenty of investment opportunities to get EB-5 visa, but one has to consider quality and viability. When the project is found it fulfills the requirements of EB-5 Regional Center Program and the applicant qualifies to get the Green Card. We present the five important factors that the investors should look to diligently.

Minimum Risk

Risk is a factor that the Investors cannot eliminate, but can minimize. The past success reveals a pattern of experience and knowledge. They have to figure out the project approval rate, the I-526 Petition approval rate, and finally the approval rate of I-829 Petition of the regional center.

Project Details

Investors also have get an understanding of the business plan in a project, its financial projections, methodologies of job creation, construction timeline, budgets, exit strategies, escrow management, norms of program compliance, and finally the permits.


Enquire about the regional center, and its developer and management teams regarding having a strong reputation. Also Consult the past investors and learn about working with the teams, and their experience in constructing and managing projects in a successful manner.

EB-5 Compliance

There is complexity in the EB-5 Program and it will change on Nov 21st, 2019. Know if the team at the Regional Center, the third-party experts and global partners all well versed regarding EB-5 compliance. The petition will be delayed or denied if the project does not comply with the EB-5 norms.


Communication honesty and Transparency are important traits. EB-5 Investors live in their domicile country when they make an investment in the USA, and some of them cannot speak English. This will be stressful and also using a translator for communication will add to strain. Find a regional center/developer that communicates in all stages of the process and reduce the stress.

We bring the laws and terms and conditions before our patrons and they can contact us for any guidance.

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