Favor To Canadian Temporary Residents To Permanent -2nd September, 2015


Canada entered into the list of favoring temporary residents over permanent. The current federal government had released a report on Tuesday related to the international criticism related to the treatment of refugees.

Harsha Walis – Co author of the report said “Immigration is the idea of immigrants coming to Canada, have permanent residency and become citizens, does not exist in the country”. He also entitled Never Home: “There are more people who visit Canada on a temporary permit compared to people who immigrate permanently. Even those who immigrate permanently are becoming conditional permanent residency”.

She also mentioned that the sponsored spouse loses their permanent residence visa if they are going to end up their relationship within 2 years which is one example that is affecting vulnerable immigrant women.

Jason Kenney who is the former immigration minister opposed the statement that permanent residents are being blocked by temporary residents in many of the workforces. He supported the statement saying, the average number of permanent residents admitted to Canada from the time the conservative government came into action is close to 260,000 and it is the highest record in the Canadian history. He also said that the number of temporary residents is growing every year as the country is issuing more permits for students as well as visitors.

Most of the temporary workers come under the International Mobility Program which is one of the youth exchange program and is based on the agreements with other wealthy countries. The other one is foreign worker program.

The latter was changed after the media reports were revealed when some employers are using to hire the foreigners instead of Canadians at low wages. The government brought out number of reforms with an aim to protect Canadian workers and punish the employers who is going to break the rules. The report also accused the Conservative government for making the things harder for refugees through removing some of the medical benefits and avenues.

Kennedy also made it clear that “No illegal migrant under deportation order is forced to stay under detention. They are always free to go to their country. They are also free to leave detention any time by getting on a plane and going back to their country”.

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