Extension of post study regulations by Ireland for Indian students to benefit - February 15, 2017

Extension of post study regulations by Ireland for Indian students to benefit
The government of Ireland has issued the permission of doubling the ‘stay-back option’ for students pursuing Master’s & PhD months to 24 months, from the previous 12 months.

The Irish government is easing the process for Indian graduates in Ireland, for them to continue staying in the country post completion of their studies. This new strategy will permit graduates who are eligible and have studied in Ireland’s institutions of higher education and whose award is handed out by a recognized Irish establishment at a Master’s or PhD level, to continue staying in Ireland for 2 years to look for graduate jobs & employment.

The manager of ‘Education in Ireland’, Giles O’Neill, stated, “The extension of the post study work visa will benefit Indian students considerably. We can foresee many bright students from India availing of this opportunity and on completion of their education joining the Irish workforce and contributing to Ireland’s talent pool.”

This scheme will apply to the students in non-European Union/ European Economic Area, at level 9 and above of the National Framework of Qualifications. Previously, Indian students in Ireland have been privy to great opportunities that they were able to avail, thanks to the one-year stay back option.

Starting from 18th February till 26th February, Ireland’s top 16 institutions will be participating in the ‘Education in Ireland’ student fairs covering 5 Indian cities; Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai, which will provide potential students with an opportunity to network with Irish institutes.

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