Express Entry Report: Canada Taking Effective Measures for Gender Equality -17th August, 2019

Express Entry Report
A higher number of women are discovering themselves as the primary applicants in Canadian Express Entry system immigration process.

Planned immigrants to Canada are given a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score to assist the federal government to evaluate and rank applicant profiles in the pool of Express Entry.

Numbers provided in the Express Entry 2018 year-end report unveil that the women CRS scores are on par or even exceeding those of men.

Though there are still higher male candidate profiles in the pool of Express Entry, an increasing percentage of women are receiving scores over 350, and the women with CRS scores over 400 has grown by 56% since 2017.

In 2018, 70% of women in the pool of  Express Entry got over 400 CRS points, related to 67% of male applicants. In the past year, 2017, 62% of women in the pool of Express Entry attained scores over 400.

Likewise, more women than men had scores of CRS 950 and higher, a sum of 65 women to 55 men.

Women who presented profiles to the pool of Express Entry in 2018 also claimed more extra points in the French-language ability category than men.

Percentage Growth in ITAs Announced to Women in Programs of Economic Immigration

Another principal indicator of the rise in female representation is the increasing number of Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for Canada PR that is being announced to women.

Women obtained 37,322 invitations or approximately 42% of the 89,800 ITAs, that was announced in 2018. While low, it was substantially proportionate to the fact that women considered for 41% of all qualified profiles presented in 2018.

In terms of Express Entry applicants admissions as a new Canadian permanent resident, the report revealed a growing number of women being allowed to Canada as primary applicants by the Express Entry system.

It also seems that women from specific nations represent a higher proportion of primary appellant admissions than men. 

The gender inequality was most notable in applications from Jamaica, where 67% of the primary appellants were women. The Philippines accompanied with 61%.

Women from China were 55%, from Russia were 53% and from Korea were 51%also represented a more significant proportion of Express Entry primary appellant admissions than men.

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