Details Of The IEC Canada Working Holiday Program Reflect A Positive Trend -24th June, 2019

Canada Working Holiday Program
International Experience Canada (IEC) issued 4,778 invitations in the past week, and the largest recipient in this was the UK with 2,657 Working Holiday candidates.

British IEC candidates

After a period of Very Low chances to receive the invitation, British candidates in the pool have now secured an excellent status with   chance to receive the invitation as the quota increased substantially. The supply of IEC Work- Holiday work-permits exceeds the demand; even though there was a huge invitation round. Moreover,, the existing quota of work permits (available) is greater than the number of candidates in the pool.

An increase in quota of Austria

Austria was added to the list of lucky candidates to receive the quota increase of 85 additional spots in IEC Working Holiday pool. In the past the chance of receiving an invitation was low. The Austrian Young Professionals pool received 10 and International Co-op pool received 5 extra spots.

Highlights of Other IEC candidates:

There were invitations in Working Holiday candidates from France at 611, from Australia at 253, from Japan at 182, and from Ireland at 198.

  • 355 invitations were in favor of Germany across all pools after the quota was increased on June 14.
  • Invitations were issued across 40 IEC pools, and the total for the present year IEC season is 112,652.
  • Also, in many of the Working Holiday pools the chance to get the invitation was Very low but there were invitations even then which shows that ‘Very low’ is not impossible.
  • The IEC categories   of Young Professionals and International Co-op pool candidates also received invitations.

After the filling up of more spots the quota in many pools decreased. Some pools now do not have the spots in total. Moreover, some pools received an additional quota, and candidates can check their pool quota once again.

Finally, in the IEC 2019 season, the higher age limit for Australians to participate in this program was increased from 30 years to 35. We provide the figures for the newest round of invitations for the IEC season and also reflect the changes in the pools.

2019 IEC season explanation

Applicants have to create a profile, and wait for the invitation to apply to get the work permit. These are sent in invitations rounds that take place regularly as per I.R.C.C. We highlight the selection chances of candidates in a pool, and also issue constant updates. Our patrons can contact us.

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