Current Australia PR Processing Time for Subclass 189 And 190 Visas -20th May, 2019

Australia PR

Processing Time for the 189 Visa Australia PR is just four to eleven months. It is a Skilled Independent visa tested on Points and takes four months to obtain direct Australia PR after submitting an application.

The Case Officer contacts the candidates in case of needing more documents with a query in 3.5 months.  Moreover, as a result of the CO contact, the application is put on hold until the submission of the documents requested. Furthermore, after the uploading of documents the application is submitted again and takes an additional 45 or 60 days to get final 189 Visa.

 In case there is no contact by the CO, you can get the direct PR after the end of 4.5 months of filing the 189 invitation.

Australia 190 PR Processing Time

Processing Time for the 190 Visa Australia PR is just 3.5 to eight months.

The Case Officer contacts the candidates in case of needing more documentary proof within the initial three months of paying fees associated with 190 nominations. 

People also get direct 190 PR when the 3.5 months end and all documents are valid.

Moreover, as a result of the CO contact, the application does not move forward and the authorities wait for proper action. Furthermore, after the uploading of documents, the application returns in the queue and you get 190-visa in a matter of 45-60 days.

 Australia PR Invitation Time

The invitation time in Australia PR depends upon ANZSCO job code and the points scored. A score of 65 points has a good chance of invitation. The chance of invitation is also good who get more than 70 points but there is a change every month and a draw happens on the 11th day.

 Moreover, the waiting time to obtain an invitation varies from 30 days to 12 months for some occupations. 

The PR processing time begins when the Skill Select EOI was invited by DIBP and a PR fee was paid.

Totally the PR processing time is 10 months.

There are no grounds to apply for an Australian Permanent residency until you get the formal invitation. The information for granting the PR comes through an email attachment. 

All the important facts

This Grant letter has information regarding the PR conditions for the relevant visa

1 - 8515 has the stipulation that a person should not marry before making the first entry to Australia.

2 - Date of PR grant is self-explanatory

3 - Date of first entry is a Date before which candidates must enter Australia for activating the Permanent Residency. This date is extendable owing to unavoidable circumstances for entering the country.

4 - Ineligible to enter after date

This is a date coming five years after First entry date. The person cannot enter Australia after it. They have to get the re-entry permit.

5- Duration of Stay

After the grant of Australia PR, you can enter before the IED date, and can also stay for an indefinite period.

You can also exit and enter any number of times before the Ineligible to enter after-date. Please apply for re-entry permit or apply and obtain the Australia Citizenship.

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