Canadian Immigration Playing Vital Role in Population Growth in Canada -7th October, 2019

Canadian Immigration Playing Vital Role in Population Growth in Canada
In the 3 months within Apr and Jul 2019, Canadian provinces observed population increase at a rate attained unusually before. The primary driver of this exceptional population additions was immigration to Canada. During these 3 months, the Canadian population increased by 181,057 and on 1 July 2019, Canadian entire population was calculated to be 37,589,262.

Population Growth in Canadian Provinces

A report by Statistics Canada denotes that immigration to Canada estimated for about 85% of the current quarterly increase. The report states further that the present rate is the second biggest quarterly rise in absolute numbers registered in the prior 48 years. The cumulative number of immigrants who came to Canada during the 2019 second quarter was a record 94281.

As per the Statistics Canada report, the Canadian province that enrolled the most active population increase in Canada during these 3 months was Prince Edward Island. The growth rate of population during the second quarter was 0.8%, which was largely driven by global immigration. Immigration estimated for 78.4% of the entire population gain in the PEI province.

The Yukon Territory appeared second in terms of growth in population among the other Canadian provinces and territories. The Yukon population growth rate during the second quarter of 2019 was 0.6% and immigration deemed for 62% of the increase.

Meanwhile, the addition of global migration to the cumulative growth in population in Quebec province and Ontario province was 87.1% and 85.5% respectively. Global immigration has also played a vital role in the population growth in the provinces of British Columbia & Alberta, by adding 78.2% and 61.1% respectively to the growth of population.

While Newfound & Labrador observed an increase in global migration, the province recorded a negative population increase in the quarter, principally owing to a huge number of deaths correlated to a number of births.

Immigration to Canada being the operator of population increase in the nation, Canada is very clear about greeting qualified immigrants who are proficient in contributing to the economic growth and all-round success of the nation.

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