Canadian Immigrants Say Canada Has Best Quality of Life in the World -3rd June, 2019

Canadian Immigrants Say Canada Has Best Quality of Life in the World
New Canadian immigrants can assume the excellent quality of life in the world, as per the survey published by US News and World Report. The number one place for the second following year comes thanks to great scores for political balance, education policy, safety, economic balance, and health care.

Other nations in the top 05 cover Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

US News and World Report: Top 10 Countries In terms of Quality of Life

1.       Canada

2.       Sweden

3.       Denmark

4.       Norway

5.       Switzerland

6.       Finland

7.       Australia

8.       Netherlands

9.       New Zealand

10.   Germany

Canada also secured highly on the citizenship categories (Number 2 in the world), entrepreneurship (Number 6 in the world) and ‘open for business’ (Number 7 in the world).

Switzerland bettered the overall ranking, accompanied by China, Canada secured the place in the world.

US News and World Report: Top 10 Countries In terms of Overall Parameters

1.       Switzerland

2.       Japan

3.       Canada

4.       Germany

5.       UK

6.       Sweden

7.       Australia

8.       USA

9.       Norway

10.   France

A breakdown of the parameters in the category quality of life reveals how Canada recorded excellent scores for being politically constant and having a well-developed system of public education.

It also scored good for its job market, with present unemployment at a decades level percentage. Additional strong actions were economic stability, safety, and the public health system.

Canada Scores below the ‘Quality of Life’ 



Economically stable


A good job market






Politically stable


Family friendly


Public education system


Public health system


Income equality


A look at a categorization of the total rankings shows Canada’s other active areas, but also where there is room for growth. Canada scores extremely in the categories for entrepreneurship, citizenship, and on being open for business but the scores are lesser in the categories for movers and heritage the latter originating from its status as a developed country.

The developing countries of Asia and the Middle East score more extremely in this category, along with the Singapore, UAE, India, and Japan.

But the overall information of the report is transparent for planned new immigrants that Canada has plenty to offer, especially in regards to the quality of life.

If you are holding a degree considering your chances, an experienced engineer or skilled technology worker, or a student analyzing their global options, Canada highlights as the best destination. Canada has the plan to welcome higher than 1 million new immigrants in the following three years.

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