Canada Work Permit in Top Demand among Various Categories of Immigrants -14th June, 2019

Canada Work Permit in Top Demand among Various Categories of Immigrants
Based on the new figures an increase in demand for Canadian work permits using the Temporary Foreign Worker Program has forced up the processing time.

So far during the present year Canada had 25 percent increase in applications for obtaining the work permit. The federal government says that the reason behind this is a low unemployment rate.

Additionally, the waiting time for Labor Market Impact Assessments is increasing gradually. It is 102 days for workers with low skills and 95 days for workers with high wages. A positive LMIA is a way to prove that there are no local persons available, for filling up the vacancy.

Moreover, the promise to process the Global Talent Stream, within two weeks is adding to the workload of the system. The government also accepts the fact that employers face a struggle in finding the necessary workers for meeting the demand owing to low unemployment.

The volume of requests in LMIA is increasing and the federal government is searching for a plan to improve the ways to avoid any further delay. The fish processor Industries in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick face a serious labor shortage. As per a recent report the industry needs additional 2,500 workers in the next five years to close the gaps caused by the retiring personnel. There were 1,700 unfilled vacancies in 2017, as per a recent estimate.

Some plants are closed, and others ask the office workers to give help in the processing matters.  Also there is an extra frustration owing to the new requirements in biometrics. The fact is an increase in delays to bring overseas workers. Moreover, the new requirements have increased the red tape and the process is not streamlined.

Many experts demand the introduction of a trusted employer program that gives access to a less difficult pathway for processing.

Employment and Social Development Canada handling the Canada work permit and requests for LMIA, publicizes the average processing time by each category in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The time range is between 10 business days for candidates in the Global Talent Stream and 102 business days for high wage stream.

Expected LMIA Processing Times

Application type

Processing Time

Global Talent Stream

10 business days

Agricultural Stream

36 business days

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

20 business days

Permanent Residence Stream

39 business days

In-home Caregivers

20 business days

High-wage Stream

95 business days

Low-wage Stream

102 business days

 The federal government is presently is taking up measures on many recommendations made by the standing committee two years back.

Also, before Sep 9, 2019, the IRCC will introduce three new measures for protecting the immigrants facing different situations. These are:

  1. Vulnerable workers,
  2. Newcomers suffering from family abuse,
  3. Helping such newcomers among the sponsor family members regarding whom there was no initial declaration

1) Vulnerable workers

From June 4, 2019, onwards migrant workers present on the work permit that is employer-specific who face an abusive job situation in the country can apply to get the open work permit.

After The changes the worker can leave the abusive employer straight away and also find a different job without worrying of losing status.

When there is an approval of application for an open work permit regarding the vulnerable workers, the employers will face inspection and subsequent legal proceeding. So far 160 employers were non-compliant and were penalized monetarily. Additionally they face a ban on hiring overseas workers. Furthermore, the Cases involving possible criminal behavior are dealt by Canada Border Services Agency or a Proper Police Authority.

2) Newcomers who face family abuse

Also, with effect from July 26, 2019, victims of family violence among the newcomers can apply for a temporary resident permit (with fee-exemption) to get a legal immigration status. It also includes work permit as well as health care coverage.

IRCC is taking measure to expedite the process for persons facing family violence situations who seek PR on humanitarian/compassionate grounds. This process is only available to overseas nationals who did not obtain their PR and whose status is dependent on an abusive spouse/partner in the country. Additionally it is not available for outsiders.

3) Helping such newcomers among the sponsor family members regarding whom there was no initial declaration

The norm for applying to immigrate to Canada is to declare all the details regarding the family members. Failing to declare any family member gets the lifetime bar for the principal applicant.

Also, with effect from September 9, 2019, there will be a two year pilot project allowing some people to sponsor immediate family members that were undeclared in the past.

These are resettled refugees or persons having the refugee protection or finally the sponsored persons like the partner, spouse, or a dependent child.

Applications already in the process stage will benefit from this pilot project.

We bring all the details regarding these developments and you can contact us.

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