Canada - The Immigration Policies Provide an Advantage to Tech Sector -22nd May, 2019

Canada - The Immigration Policies Provide an Advantage to Tech Sector
In a gathering of the Tech Leaders in Toronto, the Prime Minister of Canada, stated that the access to global talent is a major factor, and also offers a unique advantage, to influence innovation and better solutions.

The approach of the Government

Additionally, the Government is making special efforts, for ensuring that the tech sector has access to the best domestic and international talent.

The selection of Toronto by the Organizers over many North American cities was possible because of its special status. Moreover, it is on track to become a global tech hub and is outpacing the Silicon Valley in job growth.

He highlighted the fact that Canada must stay open and welcome international talent. Presently, Canada has policies to facilitate increasing immigration levels and the government has created the Global Skills Strategy. It has a great feature where the employers can obtain a work visa in just two weeks for overseas workers engaged in specific professions. Today the big countries of the world are adopting measures to close themselves to immigration. However, Canada is focusing on staying open. Moreover, this will ensure to draw the best and bright global talents.

He also remarked regarding another major government priority, which ensures that the Canadian workers and students have the right opportunities to take up a tech career. The government will invest in research, innovation and also in the Canadian education system.

There is an anxiety in the world that is coming out in the form of populism and nationalism.

Immigration has Public support

Canadians are in favor of immigration and the government is maintaining this trend by ensuring that the newcomers can contribute to Canada and help it to grow big.  The country gets resilient communities, better solutions, and can opt for better innovation when people from across the world, come closer.

Furthermore, the immigration policies of Canada are luring back the Canadian tech leaders from California’s Silicon Valley. There was competition with Silicon Valley, but now the people are returning for better quality of life, and stability. There is access to global talent because of immigration, and vibrating cities. Canada has always embraced diversity and also regards it is a source of immense strength and not of weakness. This gives a real advantage and creates a competitive investment environment attracting more people to Canada.

Other facts and advantages

Canada is increasingly attracting business and also has a network of free trade agreements. Moreover, the education and immigration system is at the top. Also, there is a great diversity among the communities here. It is an ideal place to take roots, to build a company, and also to build a great future. There are some other advantages also like the socio-economic stability, a world-class fiscal, legal and banking system and the prevalence of excellence in two languages.

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