Canada Reopens Pathway For Caregivers For The Next Three Months -10th July, 2019

Canada Reopens Pathway For Caregivers For The Next Three Months
On July 8th, 2019 Canada has reopened the Interim Pathway for Caregivers as a second opportunity for Caregiver Immigration Candidates, who failed to qualify, in existing programs, to get the permanent residence. This pathway will be open for the next three months, and will close at Oct 4, 2019.

IRCC stated that this pathway aims to alleviate the confusion that was caused at the time of making the changes to the system of caregivers in 2014.

This is happening, following the launching of the Home Child Care Provider Pilot, as well as the Home Support Worker Pilot, on June 18, 2019. These two pilots offer a direct pathway, for obtaining the permanent residence. Moreover, they allow applicants in bringing their family members to Canada.

IRCC states that each pilot has the maximum intake of 2,750 principal applicants, totaling to 5,500 annually, with the addition of their family members.

Eligibility Criteria and Conditions

All the Candidates have to meet these criteria:

  • Authorization to work in Canada based on the work permit excluding the work permit of Live-in Caregiver Program.
  • Intention to reside in provinces /territories other than Quebec,
  • Obtaining a complete educational credential in Canada of secondary school diploma level; or,
  • An overseas diploma, credential or certificate, plus the equivalency assessment that is issued in five years prior to the date of applying showing  that it is equivalent to the complete secondary school diploma in Canada .
  • Attaining a level of proficiency of benchmark 5 in English or French for all four language skill areas, as per the specifications of Canadian Language Benchmarks or also the Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens,

Since Nov 30, 2014, they must also acquire one year full-time, authorized, work experience in Canada, holding the work permit of Temporary Foreign Worker Program in a combination of these occupations:

Home child care provider based on NOC 44112, except an experience as foster parent.

Home support worker or relevant occupation, but not of the housekeepers, in NOC 4412.

Submission of application

All PR applications in this Interim Pathway have to be submitted to Case Processing Centre based in Edmonton.

Eligibility leading to processing

The complete applications are not subjected to any cap on the numbers by I.R.C.C. for accepting in this Interim Pathway. I.R.C.C. will accept/process all complete applications that were submitted from Mar 4th, 2019, to June 4th, 2019.

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