Canada New Caregiver Immigration Pilot Program Will Start This Week -18th June, 2019

Canada New Caregiver Immigration Pilot Program

Canada will start to accept applications in two new pilots catering to the caregiver immigration on June 18.

These are:

1.    Home Child Care Provider Pilot

2.  Home Support Worker Pilot

The aim is to replace the pilots for Caring for Children as well as Caring for People with High Medical Needs. It also offers a pathway to caregivers to get the permanent residence, after they gain work experience of two years in Canada.

The authorities will moreover process Applications that are submitted in both the pilots before 18th June, they will not accept applications after the specific date.

The Home Support Worker and the Home Child Care Provider pilots will provide a work-permit to caregivers possessing the Canadian Job Offer and also meet these criteria:

1.  Results of Language tests that show CLB 5

2.  Post - secondary education in Canada or a foreign equivalent for One year; and

3.  Admissibility in Canada.

Caregivers who already work in Canada through the work permit and also satisfy the set criteria are in a position to seek the permanent residence in these new categories.

Caregivers having an experience to work in NOC 4411 are eligible to get the permanent residence by using the Home Child Care Provider Pilot.

Caregivers with work experience in NOC 4412 are eligible to get the permanent residence by using the Home Support Worker Pilot.

Moreover, IRCC stated that there will be a processing time of 12-month for work permit applications in the new pilots. The processing time for permanent residence applications will be six-months after meeting the norms of work experience.

New pilots major updates

The changes in these pilots include:

1.    The work permits are specific to Occupations instead of employer-specific permits. The caregivers can now change employers;

2.  The immediate family of a Caregiver is allowed to open work and/ study permits;

3.  Employers will not need a LMIA prior to hiring an overseas caregiver.

IRCC stated that these new pilots ensure a permanent status to the participating caregivers, as well as their families, after they accumulate the necessary work experience.

Ahmed Hussen Canadian Immigration Minister stated that Canada is committed and caring towards the caregivers through these new pilots to improve their lives. They arrive from all the global regions to offer care for the beloved persons.

These pilots propose to annually attract principal applicants (2,750) totaling to 5,500 applicants.

These pilots will also offer updates, - work permits specific to occupations, open work/ study permits to benefit the family members and support caregivers.

Extension of Caregivers Interim Pathway

IRCC announced the reopening of an Interim Pathway for Caregivers to fresh applications. It will run for a period of only three months, commencing from July 8. It caters to persons who had work experience since 30th November, 2014, in the capacity of home childcare providers, and home support workers using the TFWP.

Additionally, the Work experience has to match with NOC Group 4411 / 4412.

This Pathway for Caregivers can also reopen to the persons who aim to live outside Quebec and also possess:

1.    A work authorization in the country on the work-permit apart from the work permit in Live-in Caregiver Program while applying); besides

2.  Applying for renewing the work permit apart from the work permit in a Live-in Caregiver Program; or

3.  Applying for restoring the status, and holding the work permit apart from the work permit in Live-in Caregiver Program as a recent work permit; besides

4.  Possessing the skills in language of NCLC/ CLB-5 in English/French; and

5.  work experience full-time for 12 months in Canada after 30th Nov, 2014, in a related job; and

6.  Possessing high school diploma/ certificate or an educational diploma of non-Canadian nature, equivalent to a high school diploma in Canada. Foreign credentials also need the Educational Credential Assessment stating equivalency with secondary school diploma in Canada.

We bring all such information in detail and our patrons can contact us for guidance in this matter.

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