Canada issues 2,172 International Experience Invitations -21st May, 2019

Canada Working Holiday Visa - IEC
Canada issues 2,172 International Experience Invitations in the past week. Many spots were filled up, and in many pools, the quota has decreased substantially. Also, many pools now do not have any spots altogether.

The complete set of facts

We are furnishing the Full details based on the countries in a table. Additionally, this week, some pools received additional quotas, and the previously unsuccessful candidates can now check their pools quota again.

The highlights from the most recent IEC invitation round:

  • Totally it issued 2,172 invitations to apply in 40 IEC pools. With this development, the total for the present year IEC season is 86,460.
  • The authorities conducted huge invitation rounds for WH candidates belonging to Australia, Ireland, Japan, Germany, France, South Korea, and the UK besides the Netherlands. These pools received close to 100 invitations during the last week. Many invitations were also issued to candidates from other nations.

Additional quotas

Several pools of the country received an additional quota this week.

  • The authorities added 50 spots in the Working holiday and Young Professionals pool of Chile and also in the Working holiday pool of Hong Kong.
  • They also added 200 spots to the Working Holiday pool of Taiwan, and also 35 to Young Professionals pool. There was an addition of 15 spots in the International Co-op pool.
  • France received 7,750 additional spots in its Working Holiday pool.
  • Presently there are no spots in Austria IC, Costa Rica IC, Costa Rica YP, Estonia YP, Greece Working Holiday and YP, Lithuania YP, Latvia YP, Slovakia YP, and UK Working Holiday.
  • Many Working Holiday pools had a Very low’ chance of invitation in the listing but received many invitations.
  • In the IEC categories of Young Professionals and International Co-op, a diverse range of aspirants received an invitation.

Some other details

  • Furthermore, in the IEC 2019, the upper age limit for Australians intending to participate in the IEC program was increased to 35 years of age.
  • This update provides the newest figures and also reflects all the changes of the pools since the holding of the previous round.
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