Canada Immigration Plans to Improve Parents & Grandparents Program in 2020 -16th December, 2019

Canada Immigration Plans to Improve Parents & Grandparents Program in 2020
January has usually considered as the accessing of the window for newcomers to reveal their interest in sponsoring their members of the family below the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) of  Canada.

However, given the difficulties Canada has had successfully managed the P.G.P and the latest federal election held in October, it remains unexplained as to when the P.G.P intake window will begin in 2020 and the application processing will look like.

This gives the possibility to think of innovative resolutions that could support to improve the P.G.P. For instance, the government of Canada might think to launch a new Human Capital Pilot of Parents & Grandparents.

Parents and Grandparents Program Costs and Advantages

Canada is retaining its PGP intake goal constant at nearly 21,000 people below its 2019-2021 Plan of Canadian Immigration Levels.

The P.G.P values for only 6% of all newcomers to Canada why because its economic profits are not as great as other Canadian social immigration classes.

It is more profitable to the economy of Canada to welcome spouses and dependents, also refugees, who accompany to come at a more youthful age will contribute higher in terms of working hours & also taxes when related to the average parent and grandparent. The amount of time that these prior groups spend in working in Canada will help to achieve health care subsidize and they will want later in life, whereas in the event of parents and grandparents they come to Canada at older ages when they demand health care the most prominent, even though they will yet to give taxes.

Canadian Government Should not be Scared to Innovate

We can anticipate another revised version of the P.G.P in the year 2020. Since the need to sponsor will remain to surpass the number of accessible spots, maintaining the PGP to everyone’s fulfillment will never be possible. But modern lessons give us a roadmap of how the government of Canada can move prudently.

First, lowering the EOI approach in favor of a return to an application-based design that would solve a principal headache for the Federal government. This move would need addressing stakeholders' advance notification of when the window of application will open so they can make their documentation. To withdraw overburdening the system, the government can improve efforts to bring genuine applicants by demanding that they pay the fee for sponsorship in full upfront.

Second, the Candian government can alter its immigration levels depends on the applications number that it receives. This would need more flexibility to, say, greet up to an extra 10,000 P.G.P in specific years to assure a reasonable processing time (e.g., in less than three years).

Third, the Canadian government can search other innovative ways of managing the P.G.P. The government’s enthusiasm to discover new solutions to face long-standing difficulties, such as controling backlogs.

Parents & Grandparents Human Capital Pilot

One innovation for attention is starting a human capital-based policy for controlling some PGP appeals. The federal government of Canada could start an Economic Class pilot where grandparents and parents who are lesser and have greater education levels, work experience, and English language and/or French language skills would originally get preference. The pilot may add to the current P.G.P Family Class and Super Visa category.

The fate of the PGP in 2020 proceeds doubtful. The only promise is that it will continue challenging for Canada to lead the program with some 100,000 individuals striving for only 21,000 positions.

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