Canada Immigration - Move to Canada 225000 Indians by 2021 for Canada Permanent Residents -15th December, 2018

Canada Immigration - Move to Canada 225000 Indians by 2021 for Canada Permanent Residents

In case of the continuation of the present trend 225,000 Indian citizens will become permanent residents of Canada (Move to Canada) in the next three years.

In the initial 10 months of the present year, 60,915 of the new 276,380 (22 percent) permanent residents were Indians.

If the same percentage is Applied to the three-year immigration levels plan, the strength of the Indians arriving in the country could be 73,000  in 2019, 75,000 in 2020 and 77,000 in 2021.

These figures will hold true in case the percentage is maintained. Moreover, the percentage of Indians who became permanent residents increased from 13 percent in 2016, and presently stands at 22 per cent. Additionally Indian citizens can consider a moving to Canada as there are many opportunity through family immigration, skilled workers, and business channels.

Among the source countries, the top are India, the Philippines, China, Syria, Nigeria, and Syria.

Reasons for the attraction of Indians to Canada

India is a country which is dense inhabited and has a population of around 1.3 billion. Indians move all over the world, and there is a high Indian population in many of the developed countries in the world. Moreover, it offers a flourishing source of skilled workers in the technology sector. Presently the global economy is shifting towards technology, in a big way and Indian technology workers are popular for recruitment and retention.

Already Canada has a rich and established Indian population, as a result of years of immigration. The existence of the community makes it greatly attractive for newcomers.

The available options are:

1.    Sponsorship in Family Class.

2.    Federal Economic Class

3.    Immigration to Quebec

4.    Provincial Economic Class

5.    Temporary Residence and subsequent Transition to Permanent.

6.    Finally, the Business Immigration

Family Class

In the Family Class Immigration Candidates having the family members who are PR or citizens can apply through it. The Family Members eligible for Sponsoring the Immigration are  Common Law and Conjugal partners, Spouse, Dependent children, Grandparents and  Parents,

Brothers/sisters/nephews/nieces, grandsons/ and granddaughters

Requirements to Become a Sponsor

  • 18 years or older of age.
  • Signing an Agreement of Sponsorship with a commitment for providing financial support for a relative, .
  • Providing financial support to a spouse, conjugal partner or common-law partner for a period of three years.
  • Providing financial support to the  dependent children for ten years,

Economic immigration

Canada has adopted the policy to accept many immigrants in its economic class. There is a great range of skills and many occupations are in demand.

The Federal Economic Class Programs are:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class,

The requirements of the Express Entry candidates are submitting a profile, where the top scoring profiles get an Invitation to Apply to a program. There is a time of  60 days for submitting a full application. These candidates score CRS points for the factors like work experience, age, education, and language ability.

An ideal way to increase a CRS score is having a job offer, worth 200 or 50 points based on the skill level. Moreover, A provincial nomination gives 600 points and is an effective guarantee to get the Invitation to Apply.

These are the Canadian Provincial Programs

  • Quebec Immigration
  • Alberta Immigration
  • Ontario Immigration
  • British Columbia Immigration
  • Manitoba Immigration
  • New Brunswick Immigration
  • Nova Scotia Immigration
  • Newfoundland Immigration
  • Saskatchewan Immigration
  • PEI Immigration

Considering provincial streams

Canadian provinces run immigration programs, which target the specific requests of local labor markets. Quebec has independence in the immigration system, and can also set its own immigration levels.

Transitioning from Temporary to Permanent Residence

Many immigrants reach Canada and start to work as temporary residents. Later they transition to permanent residents.

Additionally the Time spent in the country as a temporary resident has value in the permanent residence application and also in Canadian citizenship.

Work permits are issued through:

  • International Experience Canada Program
  • The Temporary Foreign Worker Program,
  • International Mobility Program
  • Caregivers’ streams

Applying for a Business Program

Canada also aims to attract investors and entrepreneurs through business programs.

At the federal level, options include:

  • Start-Up Visa Program
  • Self Employed Program
  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program

A policy also permits qualified applicants to purchase an existing business and receive a work permit.  The time spent on the work permit, counts in getting a PR application.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is a popular and large business program. It involves a passive investment leading to Canadian permanent residence.

Quebec Investor: 2018 Requirements

  • Personal net worth of $2 million (Legally acquired);
  • Two years of managerial/business experience in the five years before the application;
  • Investing $1.2 million in a passive government-guaranteed investment for five years;
  • Intention to settle in the province of Quebec.

Quebec runs its Immigrant Entrepreneur and Self-Employed programs also

Owner-Operator Business Immigration

Federal owner-operator orders permit a person to buy a business and later move to the country on a temporary work permit, prior to making a transition to PR. Finally, in this policy authorities issue a work permit after the sale and transfer of the majority share ownership of an existing profitable business to the migrating candidate.

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