Canada Had Nearly 500,000 Job Vacancies in the First Quarter Of 2019 -19th June, 2019

Canada Had Nearly 500,000 Job Vacancies in the First Quarter Of 2019
Canada had an increase in the number of job vacancies during the first quarter of 2019, in comparison to the same period, last year. This trend was visible in six provinces and the Nunavut territory in Canada. 

The figure are revealing

Moreover, the opening quarter of 2019 witnessed 506,000, Job vacancies which showed the increase of 44,000 in comparison to the same period, last year. It was also the tenth successive quarter to have yearly increase in the number of job vacancies as well as in the job vacancy rate. As per the report of Statistics Canada 79.9 percent of these openings involved permanent positions. Canadian Employers are facing and acute shortage of labor owing to the ageing population and the increasing number of retiring Canadians in the country.

Additionally, the federal government has a plan to the challenge by raising the immigration level in the next three years. Many newcomers will come in through economic- immigration programs.

Vacancies increase in three provinces


In Quebec saw the yearly increase was 21,400 job vacancies during the first three months of 2019. It corresponds to 23 percent. 50% of this increase was in the sectors of manufacturing, health care and social assistance, and finally in accommodation and food services.

Two economic regions in Quebec La Mauricie as well as Laurentides had an increase in job vacancies in comparison to the same period, last year. It was 89.4 percent in La Mauricie covering 1,600 vacancies and 57.1 percent in Laurentides covering 2,100 vacancies.


In Ontario the yearly increase was 12,400. The sectors having a major share in the increase are retail trade, health care, social assistance, professional, and technical services, scientific services, accommodation and finally the food service sector.

British Columbia

In British Columbia the yearly increase was 9,300 owing to growing vacancies in transportation, warehousing professional, and technical services, and also the scientific services. BC had a job vacancy rate of 4.4 percent for the initial quarter of 2019, which was the highest in the provinces and territories of Canada. It was in fact a rate (3.1 percent) above the national average.

Permanent positions

A permanent job involves the tenure that lasts as long as the employee wishes it. Such an employment is associated with a high wage, more benefits, and a high possibility of unions and training by the employer in comparison to temporary employment. Such Occupations are in management, manufacturing and utility sectors.

Vacancies position in the industrial sectors

The Increase in Job vacancies was visible in seven among the ten industrial sectors. The reason behind the growth was increase in the health care and social assistance sector 9,900 and also in the well as professional, and scientific as well as technical services.

Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, had a major share in this growth.

The increase in Job vacancies in the professional, technical and scientific sector was 9,100, - 28 percent, in most of the provinces. There was a fast growth in payroll employment in this sector among the ten industrial sectors.

The average hourly wage offer for vacant positions in this sector had $1.20 increase to reach $30.10.

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